Month: <span>April 2021</span>

Tim Brummett – Singles

Tim Brummett – Singles Review Salute to this man right here…Tim Brummett is “68 and giving it a go again.”  Inspiring really.  For those of you out there of a similar age, take a page outta Tim’s book here at recognize it’s never too late to start, or to keep it goin’ for that matter…whatever […]Read More


MOИK – LO-FI OM – Album Review I always tend to get a smorgasbord when it comes to the selection of stuff I listen to.  Like it, love it, or hate it, you know I’m over here checking out whatever comes my way regardless of style, sound, or even experience…I pretty much listen to just […]Read More

Maximilian Wentz – “Sorry”

Tough song to write my brother, and I’m “Sorry” it’s one you had to create Maximilian Wentz…we’re feelin’ your pain here. The reality is, he’s written this song in tribute to his grandmother, who is currently battling Alheizmer’s, and no longer recognizes him at this point in time. While I could go on about how […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – Memories

Andrew Farstar – Memories – Album Review Been a couple years since we last had Andrew on our pages – welcome back to ya brother-man! He’s got me racing around all over the internet this time, trying to keep up to the guy in the lineup of cover-songs he’s got on his new album Memories…and […]Read More

Raw Soul – In Another Life…

Raw Soul – In Another Life… – EP Review “Can’t deny that your boy can make a jam, strawberry jelly comin’ straight from the man…”  #truth! But you already KNOW, don’t ya?  You tuned in to the SBS Podcast already and checked out a sample of what Raw Soul is all about through our first […]Read More

JC Lane – “Myself & I” / “Over You”

JC Lane – “Myself & I” / “Over You” – Singles Review How did JC Lane put it last time around in describing her sound when I was listening to her Automatic EP?  “Teenage Pop” was it not?  She might not exactly expect an old grey-bearded buzzard to enjoy her music as much as I […]Read More

Phil Robinson – “Transcendental Cowboy” (Acoustic)

Phil Robinson – “Transcendental Cowboy” (Acoustic) – Single Review Much respect & love to artist Phil Robinson, who has been doin’ his part to help make the entire scene a better place…and clearly has been for some time now.  He creates tunes on his own solo, he jams out with his band The Bliss Jockeys […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Late-Night Melodrama”

Aldrich Benson – “Late-Night Melodrama” – Single Review And we continue our deep divin’ on into the Intelligent Music EP by duo Aldrich Benson… One of the toughest things I’ve learned throughout my time spent in music is that the perception of what artists/bands love, versus what we love, often has the space of a […]Read More

Me Soul Be Flowin – “Past Lives” / “Fire”

Me Soul Be Flowin – “Past Lives” / “Fire” – Singles Review So!  This is something! As to what exactly that is…well…that’s probably a bit harder to explain, but I’m certainly happy to try. Let me introduce you to Navè, the inspiring host of a…hmmm…what’s now become a musical-journal of sorts, called Me Soul Be […]Read More