Month: <span>March 2021</span>

Sebastian Azul – Spotify Singles

Sebastian Azul – Singles Review Sebastian Azul is gettin’ his Quincy Jones on here. At first I had thought I was reviewing an album until I had a look over the set-list and noticed it had all the songs listed in alphabetical order…which doesn’t happen all that often.  Then I searched for an album title […]Read More

Paul Middleton – “Take On Me”

Paul Middleton – “Take On Me” – Single Review I know what you’re thinking.  It’s impossible to see that title and not know instantly what song you’re about to be in-store for.  The legendary hit by A-ha that took over the 80s by storm originally…amazing tune, you know it, I know it, we all know […]Read More

D’Lemor – “Shine”

So here we are, at long last!  I’ve been waiting to tell you about D’Lemor. …and I am in fact, going to dare her to dream. Here’s the thing…or perhaps several things…we’ll see how this goes, you know how I like to ramble… When I first crossed paths with D’Lemor not too long ago, I […]Read More

SBS Podcast 118

It’s that magical time once again! Back after our break, we’ve got loads of new info for ya!  We’ll be talking about the latest tunes from D’Lemor, RC Morton, and PolloMadeIt on this episode of the show, and spinning a double-shot of Leo Harmonay in addition to cuts from Dave Wirth, Sail Cassady, Torin Muccino, […]Read More

Birthpush – “Sh!t Like That” Feat. Big Meeg & Rogie

Birthpush – “Sh!t Like That” Feat. Big Meeg & Rogie – Single Review Gonna have to go out on a limb here & put some theories into this one… …cause I’m confused.  But I suppose that’s much of the point being made here, if I’m reading these tea leaves correctly.  Make no mistake – I […]Read More

Sun Str8nice – “Mistakes Made Me”

This man’s got his head on straight y’all. “Without mistakes there’s no growth,” as Sun Str8nice will tell ya direct on his brand-new cut released just last week – it’s one of several quotes you could easily pull from such an insightful track that gets to the heart of the matter on what true personal […]Read More

Arnold Mitchem – “Solo”

Arnold Mitchem – “Solo” – Single Review *totally related side-note…it’s a bit ironic to listen to a song called “Solo” that has two singers on a single about being single.* Though to be fair to the guy, depending on where you’re looking online, you might find him “Solo” as Arnold Mitchem…but you might also find […]Read More

RAMONA + The RIOT – “2020”

RAMONA + The RIOT – “2020” – Single Review What on earth is happening here folks?  We need a whole lot more RAMONA + The RIOT out there. You’ll find this is a bit scattered out there around the ol’ internet when it comes to the details & all – but you will find this […]Read More

Mark Newman – “From Me To You”

Mark Newman – “From Me To You” – Single Review Oh my! Believe me when I tell ya…you see the list of credits that come along with Mark Newman’s name out there on the internet, and long before you push play on this shiny new single of his here, you’ll already know you’re in-store for […]Read More

Fransoafran – “Waiting For You”

It’s been nearly a year since we last had artist Fransoafran posted up on our pages and I’m always happy to change that to a much more current date, anytime this guy wants to show up.  Even though my own experience with his music is fairly limited, I can safely say that each time I’ve […]Read More