Month: <span>March 2021</span>

March Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was music, we featured it, chances are ya didn’t listen, but hey, it’s always sweet to have a reason to repeat ourselves. The SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles channel is now closing in on DOUBLE DIGITS for subscribers inside of three long months! Absolutely incredible.  Definitions may vary. Anyhow…to all eight of you […]Read More

反覆墜落 Repeatedive – A Beautiful Place To Get Lost

反覆墜落 Repeatedive – A Beautiful Place To Get Lost – EP Review #YangGang What’s that?  Andrew?  Who’s that?  A politician?  Heck no!  I’m talkin’ bout ALAN Yang. I’m always interested in what this dude is up to.  It’s no secret that I’ve experienced a few ups & downs in listening to & reviewing his records […]Read More

David Omlor – Entropy

David Omlor – Entropy – Album Review On solid ground & shaky emotional terrain! And ya get’em both – all in one!  Right here in this first impression of David’s music, if you’re like myself and haven’t heard it before this record Entropy here, that’ll likely be what hits you instantly – it’s really well-assembled […]Read More

McDowell School, Chicago – “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok”

Can’t think of a better way to start the day than with an uplifting combination of music & message like McDowell School in Chicago has created with this single & video for “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” – this is wonderful, straight up!  Not only will you experience a genuinely stunning array of localized […]Read More

Brad Byrd – “State Line”

Brad Byrd – “State Line” – Single Review I don’t know exactly what I was expecting outta you Mr. Brad Byrd, but this certainly wasn’t it! This was so much better than any hopes I could have had, no matter what they could have been prior to listening.  I sometimes forget how much that ‘Alt’ […]Read More

Merit Maker – Judgement Calls

Merit Maker – Judgement Calls – Album Review Fun related fact for ya…the debate over whether or not it’s spelled ‘judgment’ or ‘judgement’ is one of the hottest grammar battles you can have with wordsmiths out there on the internet today…just sayin.’  Technically-speaking, both are considered to be correct…but I’m not even kidding, look it […]Read More

OurGlassZoo – “Astronaut”

Going cinematic for the video supporting their single “Astronaut” has proven to be a killer move for Vancouver-based Alt-Electro/Pop-Rock band OurGlassZoo – not only are they racking up the hit-count on the vid alone with tens-upon-tens of thousands of views, but they’re racking up the hardware in their cabinets for their efforts as well.  Scoring […]Read More

drea paizs

Official Press Release drea paizs Dives Deep Into Personal Inspirations For Her Stunning New Single – “Willows” Is Out Now! Through her highly philosophical words, beautifully poetic writing style, and vibrantly expressive vocals, singer/songwriter drea paizs is breaking out worldwide with a sincere signature sound of her own, fully designed to connect hearts and minds […]Read More

Souleye – Hunting Teardrops

Souleye – Hunting Teardrops – Album Review You know him, you love him, and hell, so do we, clearly – this is our sixth review on Souleye’s music in as many years!  We hinted pretty loudly about this record dropping back in February with the release of his single & video for “Ghost Steps” – […]Read More


You gotta love it when BROCK gets all otherworldly & cinematic up on ya. I think…if I’m not mistaken…this right here is all-new BROCK to start your day rockin’ with that good-good Electro juice you love to supply your vitamin M(usic).  The facts are, you gotta keep tight tabs on this dude right now…every time […]Read More