Month: <span>February 2021</span>

The Shikes – Aggression

The Shikes – Aggression – EP Review Dave Wirth, my man, you have certainly kept us all guessing as to what the heck it is you’re gonna do next over the years, and every time we run into your music again, you’ve completely gone & thrown yourself into a whole new dimension of your art, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 148

Join us for some of that live music stuff we all used to know & love!  We’ve got This Day Burns rocking the stage at Olympia in Surrey, BC, from back in 2014 – and we’ll flash forward to one of the final shows from Vaultry playing a featured at the Ask A Punk show […]Read More

Jody Loud – American Robot

Jody Loud – American Robot – Album Review “You can pick apart the hustler, but the hustle remains.”  #Truth It has been a MINUTE homies…last time we had Jody Loud on these pages of ours was way back in the day, in the summer of 2015!  Always awesome to have an artist back in action […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Battle Midnight”

Trey Wonder…TELL US HOW YOU FEEL, WOULD YA? While the onslaught of pandemic-based tunes was an inevitability for the music-scene & how it reliably documents our times, for the most-part, it’s despite the bombardment of’em here on our pages over this past year, it’s actually been a pretty unique experience in seeing how many different […]Read More

Neil And Adam – “Bright Light”

Neil And Adam – “Bright Light” – Single Review “They’re terribly predictable…every little syllable.”  #aintthatthetruth! It’d be extremely tough not to rally behind Neil And Adam for what they’ve accomplished on this new single of theirs called “Bright Light,” which is essentially a flawless Pop/Rock/Soul cut in every aspect.  I cannot even begin to express […]Read More

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