Month: <span>February 2021</span>

Souleye – “Ghost Steps”

Souleye – “Ghost Steps” – Single Review Fantastic to have this dude back in action this year – it’s been a minute since we had Souleye here on our pages & it sounds like the man is in for a seriously awesome 2021 with a brand-new record called Hunting Teardrops coming out officially online March […]Read More


If you require any proof that the past can be just as relevant today and still sound fresh AF in the process – look & listen no further than this track “BELLCAT” sliced from the stellar lineup of BROCK’s 2019 record F Concept.  This dude has had his wheels turning so quickly it’s damn near […]Read More

Don Gritty – “Waste No Time”

Don Gritty – “Waste No Time” – Single Review I mean…don’t get me wrong y’all…I’m just sayin’ it MIGHT be a lil’ bit easier to say it ain’t all about money after you’re already ballin’ with a Porsche & packin’ gold grillz, you dig?  But I do appreciate the sentiment Don Gritty is rockin’ with, […]Read More

KILJIN – “Point Of No Change”

“We do not need to know the Future, for we have seen the Present and the sight is more than we can bear.” If you were following our pages towards the end of last year, KILJIN is definitely a name you’re familiar with by now – we’ve featured several of their cuts from their debut […]Read More

LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes”

LebaneseTweety – “Cigarettes” – Single Review I’m…hmmm… …I think I’m inclined to give this single & artist a massive nod of approval in this review right here. LebaneseTweety is no stranger to music, that much I can tell ya.  While it takes a bit of searching to get the full story on this artist we […]Read More

Damien Q – “Only In The Sky”

Damien Q – “Only In The Sky” – Single Review Who’s this Damien Thompson guy anyway? Perhaps you know him under a different name, like we do – the one & only Damien Q that’s we’ve been featuring here at our pages over the past couple years – same dude as the guy you’ll see […]Read More

Divided By Infinity – Lockdown EP

I’ll tell ya this much…if you’ve got the band This Will Destroy You in your list of influences & inspirations, believe me when I say, you’ll always be getting my attention.  Divided By Infinity has’em posted up in reference to their sound on their Twitter page, along with a couple new names I didn’t know […]Read More

Alien Skin – Cold War Pop

Alien Skin – Cold War Pop – Album Review Talk about an impact!  Alien Skin is never really all that far from my mind or my playlists to begin with, and yet here I see it’s actually been more than a year since we last reviewed one of these records by the ol’ George Pappas […]Read More

Rosalila Music

Official Press Release Rosalila Music Reminds Us All To “Cherish” Our Time Together – Her Debut Single Arrives February 12/21! Her stunningly sincere & expressive style/sound is a pure reflection of the humble passion of an artist fully capable of bringing hearts & minds together around the globe through the soulful music she’s now making […]Read More

SBS Podcast 115

New music & new info all over the place in this episode – come get some!  We’ll be spinning tracks by LoFi Chill, Empire Of Gold, Man Made Lake, Creepy Monday, MPG, Hochen, and The Blackmail Seduction – we’ll also be stopping in along the way to tell ya about what’s happening with the music […]Read More

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