Month: <span>October 2020</span>

Tanner Gordon – “Safe”

Tanner Gordon is “Safe” and on solid ground as far as our ears are concerned over here.  Our Canadian brethren takin’ on a solo session apart from his band The Unfortunates, Tanner beams out a highly inviting slice of Indie Pop/Rock with a delicate approach to the music and a fantastic vocal performance to go […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 138

You know how we do it here – time to haul out another set from the vault to keep you entertained while the scene is still in lockdown.  We’re fightin’ the virus with Gyrus this week, live from The Backstage Lounge back in 2014 – and we’ll take you back for a bonus track to […]Read More

Violet Orchestra – “Lily Pearl”

Violet Orchestra – “Lily Pearl” – Single Review So… …well… …I suppose the best place to start is to express that, even though it can often be extremely hard to say goodbye to the music we love sometimes, as long as it sprouts a new avenue, project, or band…then it’s kind of tough to complain, […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “One Song”

Galliano Sommavilla – “One Song” – Single Review Where oh where has the wonderful man been all my life and how have I only been learning about the music Galliano Sommavilla has been making over these past couple months?  You amazing people out there reading know I depend on you for this stuff right?  When […]Read More

DynamoMin – “Last One Picked”

Chances are, there are many of you out there that can relate to this avant-garde & artistic lil’ ditty DynamoMin have created with this single – from high-school kickball games to corporate promotions, being the “Last One Picked” is never where ya wanna find yourself in the pecking order, but it happens to nearly all […]Read More


Just as promised, just as predicted in posting up his video/single for “BEEP” only days ago – BROCK returns to our pages with another spectacular dose of wild neon Electro vibes for you to enjoy from your eyeballs to your ear-holes!  Dude’s got a genuine ear for sound that is second to none and knows […]Read More

Rev. Peter Unger – “Reunion”

Ahhhh yes, the good reverend returns to our pages, and what better day than a Sunday to post up his latest single “Reunion.” Been about three years or so since we last featured Rev. Peter Unger and his delicately poetic & expressive style of folk music, and it’s always comforting to know that an artist […]Read More

Baugarn – “Spaceship”

If there’s one thing that’s become crystal clear over these past twenty-four hours on our pages, it’s that Sweden has absolutely got the vibe goin’ on right now!  From what we’d experienced earlier on today with the music of Isaac Elton, to this new track here tonight by Baugarn called “Spaceship” – it’s completely apparent […]Read More

Isaac Elton – “Bottom Of The Sea”

Take a lesson out of Isaac Elton’s playbook y’all – there’s never a bad time to promote a great song!  Doesn’t matter if it came out in the 60s, last week, or in 2017 when “Bottom Of The Sea” was originally released – if you’ve got something as awesome as this single & video are, […]Read More

The Charlie Kulis Band – “Hotel Room”

The Charlie Kulis Band – “Hotel Room” – Single Review If one thing is abundantly clear after listening to The Charlie Kulis Band’s new single “Hotel Room,” it’s that I sure need to get out a whole lot more.  And YES…I’m referring to life pre-lockdown & isolation – I’ve always been in that state to […]Read More