Month: <span>September 2020</span>

Wicked Garden – “Home, Too Far”

Based out of Las Vegas and sending out their own brand of scorching hot Alt/Hard-Rock sound out through the internet airwaves to listeners & viewers all over the globe, Wicked Garden has fused together a solid dose of memorable hooks and slow-burning style to keep your eyes & ears entertained with their new single/video for […]Read More

R3 – “Going All Out” Feat. Reeo

“Money ain’t the world, but the world do cost.”  Preach it homie – that’s #truth right there y’all. R3 & Reeo are “Going All Out” in their latest cut, putting true grit into the m-i-c as they establish their names out there in the scene and in your speakers & screens where they belong.  For […]Read More

Elijah Flamez – “Pressure Makes Diamonds”

Respect to the main man on the m-i-c – it takes a lot on the inside to put out a track like this. Clearly artist Elijah Flamez has been through a full share of hard times in his life growing up…I can verify firsthand that it only takes a single spin through his latest cut […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 134

Take a trip back in time to 2014 with Blackout Lights rockin’ the stage at Joe’s Apartment in Vancouver, BC for this week’s main act – then head on into the future for a live cut from Rusty’s last show in 2019 on the east coast in Ottawa for your bonus vid in this episode! […]Read More


Official Press Release Join Cross-Cultural Artist Dmayah On His Quest To Create Colorful Music Designed To Captivate The Entire World! Over the past several years, crossover sensation Dmayah from Grenada, WI, has proudly established his name in the music-scene by creating songs with true character & charisma that reveal his authentically unique cultural roots. From […]Read More

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing

Damien Q & Granular Injections – “H.O.T.” feat. David Downing – Single Review Expanding your circle as an artist can be a great thing…sometimes it can be downright “H.O.T.” folks. I’m about to go & tell ya that this is probably my favorite cut from Damien Q & his surrounding crew again…but there’s almost unique […]Read More

F.G.N. – “Ounce” Featuring Yung Dago

“I want that high like in indica.”  I’ll smoke to that – light’em up if you got’em late-night crowd – we got your green new deal right here y’all. F.G.N. brings it to ya in that addictive New Wave style of Trappin’ on the bars of “Ounce” featuring Yung Dago, keepin’ the rhymes laced with […]Read More

The Punk Crone – “Bad Dolly”

The Punk Crone – “Bad Dolly” – Single Review Let’s see, let’s see…which route do we go this morning?  Do I start with some history?  Do I tell ya about the numerous projects that Sue Williamson has been a part of over these past few years alone and how almost each time she shows up […]Read More

Dream XP – “Black AND White”

Y’all know that any opportunity I get to put a lil’ poetry up on these pages of ours, I’m always down. Dream XP is a champion, straight-up – and like real artists do when it’s crucially important, he’s speaking up when it matters most on his new single “Black AND White.”  Putting his words into […]Read More

Social Gravy – “Happening Now”

If you’re feeling like this day is a little on the plain side, we recommend puttin’ a lil’ Social Gravy on it! The band based out of L.A. in CA has just released their latest EP called A Different Kind at the beginning of this month, and you can already see they’re doin’ all the […]Read More

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