Month: <span>February 2020</span>

Glenn Murawski – Clear Away

Glenn Murawski – Clear Away – EP Review Now here’s a refreshing start to a record!  Things are sounding atmospherically sweet on Glenn’s latest EP, with the sparkling design of its title-track “Clear Away” lighting-up with inspired sound right off the bat.  Solid start for sure…which is to be expected somewhat by now when it […]Read More

0215 – Fey (Live @ The Railway Club 2015)

One of the most legendary shows from that year, Fey dominated the Railway Club in Vancouver and slayed a mammoth set full of songs from their record Bye Bipolar in front of a crowd of seriously savage fans.  Fey will forever go down as one of the baddest & raddest bands to come out of […]Read More

Steve Mahoney & The Milkshakes – “Danger Zone 2”

Reading over the quirky bio online for Steve Mahoney and the journey he’s taken to get to where he is will bring a smile to your face…dude’s clearly the adventurous type and definitely never shied away from any challenge – and he’s about to head into the “Danger Zone 2” with his homies in The […]Read More

Hooyoosay – Strange, Elusive You

Hooyoosay – Strange, Elusive You – EP Review There’s no doubt that Hooyoosay has found its niche in music…it’s downright rare to experience tunes with as much enthusiasm & positivity as you’ll find in what this project creates.  You’ll remember the quirky way Hooyoosay approaches music one way or another.  Believe me folks, I speak […]Read More

The Golden Cage Society – “Mira El Mar”

The Golden Cage Society – “Mira El Mar” – Music Video Release/Review This new single from The Golden Cage Society is the perfect way to come back from our break and start up this music machine of ours here at sleepingbagstudios, yessir – “Mira El Mar” completely slays!  100% stoked on what I’m hearing from […]Read More