Year: <span>2019</span>

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue Singles

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue – Singles Review Let it be said once more…if y’aint got your health, y’aint got nothin.’ Never seen this before actually; my wife and I came down with the exact same cold at the exact same time more or less – around 3pm on New Year’s Eve.  I’m no stranger […]Read More

WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2018 – This

Scorching hot Rock band This Is Decibel scored huge in our 2018 competition for Best New Sound, not only securing a dominant victory with nearly 50% of the total vote, but doing so in our most successful competition to-date!  For real, by the ¼ mark, we beat 2016’s total…by the halfway point, we’d beaten both […]Read More

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