Year: <span>2019</span>

Joho – Youth In Retrospect

Joho – Youth In Retrospect – Album Review With a quick recorded message reminding Joho he’s got love coming in, “Red Soda” starts us all gliding into Youth In Retrospect smoothly.  You notice key things about this entertainer quickly, like Joho being willing to handle his business on the mic from the hooks to the […]Read More

Dirty Coke – “Trip”

As if this isn’t one of the raddest videos you’ve seen this year! Bringing a wildly artistic design to a combination of beat poetry & Hip-Hop, with a wickedly animated video to support it – Dirty Coke is servin’ up the “Trip” the title of his latest single implies.  Rolling through his bars with stylistic […]Read More

Michael Regina – Stargazer

Michael Regina – Stargazer – Album Review The warm glow of synths that springs to life before the ninety-second mark of Michael Regina’s “Orbit Epoch” that opens up his latest album Stargazer was the perfect reminder of what this soundscape artist is capable of.  As vivid as a three-dimensional painting, the dazzling colors in the […]Read More

Creepy Monday – Sleepy Sunday

Creepy Monday – Sleepy Sunday – Album Review I hope the people out there are paying attention to this band…Creepy Monday makes wicked music. You can hear something rad brewing immediately as “Waste” begins the Sleepy Sunday experience, crackling frequency static and haunting the halls with creeped-out guitars.  At just slightly less than a minute […]Read More

Temperature Falls – “Zuzu’s Petals”

Timely video!  The scenery in “Zuzu’s Petals” is all covered with snow – perfectly reminiscent of what winter is already looking like outside many of our windows, while Temperature Falls heats up the atmosphere in the sound surrounding you with a smoldering style and sleek fusion of R&B/Soul/Electro/Trip-Hop.  With expressive vocals and a sweet & […]Read More

The Polls Are Open! Vote For Our BEST NEW SOUND!

The polls for this year’s vote on our BEST NEW SOUND for 2019 are officially OPEN! You can find the official polling station & listening booth under the main tabs at the homepage – or you can click this handy link right here to take you to vote!  You can vote up to 10x per […]Read More

Mississippi Moonlight – “Where I Belong”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Where I Belong” – Single Review “Some folks chase their dreams, but me I’m stuck here in this town.” Alright…chances are many of you read the last review on Mississippi Moonlight that just posted up with my thoughts on “Stickin’ Around” – the five-piece band put out a cut that packed in […]Read More

Mississippi Moonlight – “Stickin’ Around”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Stickin’ Around” – Single Review Look at that guy in this picture will ya? You know the dude I’m talking about here…the one with that luscious shrub attached to his chin – bassist Zac Blackwell.  It’s like he’s taunting me at this point.  My head will never be that rad. I mean […]Read More

King Cotz – Soundcloud Singles

King Cotz – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review Last we checked in on this homie, he put the work in between the time we first heard King Cotz back in 2017 and his return in mid-2019 revealed the evolution the man on the m-i-c had gone through as an artist, by raising the stakes and […]Read More

Best New Sound 2019 Nomination – Day 10: Jas Frank

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The SBS contest for 2019’s BEST NEW SOUND gets underway officially on Dec. 18th this year!  Nominations are rolling out in no particular order between Dec. 6th – Dec. 15th, then we give all the artists/bands a couple days to rally the troops to come out and […]Read More

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