Month: <span>September 2019</span>

Orgone Energy – “Love In Pisces”

You know we love it when art & music combine in all kinds of creative ways – just like Orgone Energy provides! Word on the street is that there’s a new crystal being released by this artistic outlet, this very month!  In fact, this is what Orgone Energy had to say directly about the new […]Read More

J Speed – 0Zero EP Out Now!

The King Stays King – The Legendary J Speed Is Back On Top With The Brand-New 0Zero EP! After firmly establishing himself within the Hip-Hop/Rap game over the past four years with brilliant records that proved to the world that J Speed had exactly what it took to become the premier artist he is today […]Read More

SBS Podcast 076

Represent yo! A full-on collection of killer cuts that are determined to help you deny the end of summer & keep the party goin’ long & strong.  Bringing the heat to your speakers – you’ll find tracks from Active I, DTox, PRINS, Chames, Dominic Owen featuring The Love Theme, Dave Childz, Almost Owen, and Nouri […]Read More

PoonieLo – “Boss”

Respect to any video out there like this turnin’ middle fingers up to the sky within ten seconds or less yo! PoonieLo IS a “Boss” – just like he’s claimin’ in his latest single, straight-up.  How do we know that for a fact, you ask?  PEEP THIS VID homies – it’ll be all the proof […]Read More

Rhythm Affair – “Boulder Highway Hooker”

Let’s put it this way…there are definitely some songs that are a whole lot more literal than others.  Sometimes a title will reveal to ya exactly what a song is about, and this would be one of those!  Rhythm Affair comes to us from the mix of glamour, glitz, and seedy underbelly of the Las […]Read More

Plike – “SYZYGY” Feat. The Fair Attempts

As you’d Plike-ly expect by now – the master of contrast between the light & the dark has always got something extraordinary for ya. Seems that the mysterious musical mind of Mad Madam Em from Plike is back in fine form once again for you all in 2019 – she’s always up to incredible stuff […]Read More

Closer – Old Baker Street

Closer – Old Baker Street – EP Review Testing…testing 1, 2, 3… I’m not quite prepared to say we’re fully back in action & the site’s completely ready to roll just yet…but we’re getting really damn close…r.  Let me see if I remember how to work the controls here and post up one of the […]Read More

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