Month: <span>September 2019</span>

Andrew Ryan – “Spin It”

Official Press Release Andrew Ryan – “Spin It” – New single available now! With chaos and woes saturating the airwaves, internet and television, on a daily basis, it’s easy to get discouraged with the current climate.  Enter Andrew Ryan’s latest single, “Spin It.”  A track that somehow manages to transport your mind to a simpler […]Read More

The Infidels – Mental Wealth

Official Press Release The Infidels Mark A New Milestone With A Spiritual & Sensory Experience – Mental Wealth Out Now! Celebrating their tenth year of creating their uniquely hybrid style of Gothic/Americana/Indie music, York PA’s The Infidels are back with a smoldering & slow-burning set of eight stunning new tunes for their latest record, Mental […]Read More

Aymee Santana – “One PUFF Not ENUFF”

Aymee Santana – “One PUFF Not ENUFF” – Music Video Release/Review Dear readers, dear friends…I say this with the utmost sincerity – do you know how insanely rare it is to agree with every single word of a song and the intentions behind it?  I’ll tell ya direct – phenomenally rare.  Yet here we are, […]Read More

0212 – HEAD (Live @ Studio 2016)

We caught back-to-back shows from Alt/Rock band HEAD before we left Vancouver to come out east to Ottawa – and both shows at Studio!  Always a wicked place to catch a band, no matter what the venue ends up being called year after year as time goes by.  HEAD never disappoints when it comes to […]Read More


Transcribed direct from a local radio-show in Los Angeles – discover what is being screamed about over the airwaves regarding the underworld’s best-representatives in music today, LUNA13, in their latest press release… There is a new music project called LUNA13 creating a ruckus in California.  Could you believe I walked into the Whiskey A Go-Go […]Read More

Mutus – “Ses Ver” Feat. Ozan Anlaş

Mutus – “Ses Ver” Feat. Ozan Anlaş – Music Video Release/Review An electronic music producer from Turkey that is currently based out of Azerbaijan – Mutus is making digitally-enhanced, cutting edge sound spring vibrantly to life from the lefts to the rights on this debut single from the ONIX Records Label.  Making the magic happen, […]Read More

Adam Exler – “Language Of Love” Feat. J Holla

Adam Exler – “Language Of Love” Feat. J Holla – Music Video Release/Review HOT stuff from Adam Exler! For real…it’s no joke; whether it’s the concept, the video or the audio, dude’s got a new single called “Language Of Love” that is already scorching its way up the charts, and for plenty of great reasons. […]Read More

SBS Podcast 077

Take a trip through ten powerfully emotional, sweetly charming & uniquely soulful tunes on the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll get into all kinds of incredible cuts from the past to the present, discuss the madness of our recent site updates & struggles turning the beard of Jer @ SBS grey, and take […]Read More

Shens – “Cold Water”

“Cold Water” runs deep yo! The internet is full of characters…and Shens is certainly one of’em!  You can search for official information on this artist if ya wanna…but we can save you the time & tell ya there are no details to be found other than mystery itself & nothing more.  Shens is a masked […]Read More

Shanty Franco

Official Press Release:  Shanty Franco Shanty Franco began her career in entertainment as a adult actress, vixen angel model and music.  Her keen eye for fashion and her ability to make music and acting trends in the fashion world landed her a high-end clientele.  She has graced & appeared in magazines like Vogue and Maxim.  […]Read More