Month: <span>June 2019</span>

The Proof – “Proof”

“You want The Proof?” I mean…if it sounds like THIS homies, you KNOW we do!  Rappers Sirgin and ScoobRock combine forces & pass the mic as The Proof – and they make straight magic happen on the m-i-c on this solidly entertaining new single/video they’ve built & designed as a self-anthem of sorts, as they […]Read More

A Note Two Self – Singles

A Note Two Self – 1000 Days After EP Sampler/Singles Review If the cover of this new 1000 Days After EP from A Note Two Self is any indication, things are going pretty well for the man behind the music right now – that’s one seriously genuine smile you’ll see on Mike Richards’ face right […]Read More

d.benedict – The Colors Of A Cloud

d.benedict – The Colors Of A Cloud – Album Review I have the feeling d.benedict & I likely listen to a lot of the same bands.  Dude’s doing his own thing for sure…but I’m catching a few things that would at the very least lead me to believe he’s gettin’ in a few doses of […]Read More

Atratune – “I’m A Waiver”

Atratune – “I’m A Waiver” – Single Review You know what I’m starting to like about the reliable uplifting energy in Atratune’s music a whole lot these days is just how consistent it’s become.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say this project’s ever been on shaky ground, but as I’ve noted in the […]Read More

John Evergon’s Constellation Of Thoughts

Official Press Release John Evergon Releases Constellation Of Thoughts For All To Hear In 2019!  From the majestic landscape in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, stunning & skilled instrumental artist John Evergon is officially ready to take his music to a worldwide stage.  With a breathtaking progressive fingerstyle debut album, Constellation Of Thoughts highlights positivity through uplifting & remarkably […]Read More

Dutty Devioso – Precipice

Dutty Devioso – Precipice – Album Review I can tell you this much…straight off the drop, I knew I was in for something spectacular here on Dutty Devioso’s new record Precipice just by listening to “Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo” as the album started up.  Like…lemme just give you a sample of the […]Read More

John Doh – “#0141”

From the man who brought us the remix on Stormzy’s “Vossi Bop” just last month, John Doh returns with his debut original “#0141” and gives you a full glimpse of what he’s all about & where he’s come from on his brand-new single.  Always awesome to get more to the story – and he’ll fill […]Read More

Deborah Berg – Singles

Deborah Berg – New Road Home Album Sampler/Singles Review This much I can tell ya…you don’t end up being endorsed by Martin Guitars and the almighty Sennheiser without seriously knowing what you’re doing as a musician and having some incredible chops.  Deborah Berg definitely has all the right talent, skills, and stunning songwriting to go […]Read More

Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke”

Josh Christina – “Let’s Get Woke” – Single Review I honestly keep on marveling about just how far out of left-field Josh Christina comes at ya.  Ain’t gonna lie to you, from the very first time I saw a picture of the guy & heard the voice, I was confused at how they matched…Josh seems […]Read More

LouionTen – “Facts”

LouionTen – “Facts” – Single Review HUGE cut from LouionTen here – that’s “Facts” y’all, not just my opinion. I mean…I don’t want to brag y’all, but if you read the last review I wrote on LouionTen’s single “Son Of God,” then you know I already told ya to expect BIG things from this emcee.  […]Read More

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