SBS Reader's Poll 2019


We’ve created a list of ten incredible bands & artists from all the albums & EPs submitted to us over the past year – and now it’s time to turn control over to YOU to help us select our official BEST NEW SOUND of 2019.  Between Dec. 18th at 12:00am and Dec. 31st at 11:59pm, you’ll be able to vote up to ten times per day for your favorite act, and help them make history here at our homepage by being immortalized on the sleepingbagstudios Wall Of Fame forever!  You can listen to singles from each band & artist here at the voting station to hear some of the incredible music we found out there in the independent scene and what the competition sounds like this year, then make your choices.  Choose wisely – it’s all up to you from here!  Cast your votes for your favorites in this year’s quest for the BEST NEW SOUND of 2019!

This poll has ended (since 1 year).
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