Month: <span>December 2018</span>

Sashae’ – “Worth It”

Sashae’ – “Worth It” – Music Video Release/Review There are some artists out there that when you hear them for the first time that experience is so powerful in all the right ways that it sets you at ease in knowing that if someone as fantastic as Sashae’ simply continues to stay the course and […]Read More

Jessy Piff – Spotify Singles

Jessy Piff – Spotify Songs – Singles Review “I get lifted, I won’t come down, blunts get twisted, blow my lungs out.”  #HeardYo. The man’s ‘about to hit 30 years old’ – all I know is that if my lungs can hold up for nearly a full decade past that, his can too.  It’s all […]Read More

Jim Scary – “Mystic”

HUGE YES to this cut – if you can’t spare a minute on this video homies, let me tell ya, you’re only hurtin’ yourself & you’re missing out on what’s GOOD yo!  In literally less than a minute’s worth of time, rapper/artist Jim Scary makes maximum impact in a seriously short amount of space with […]Read More

YOVANNI – “Breathe”

YOVANNI – “Breathe” – Single Review Just like in music, the space that exists within words can often be quite revealing…if you’re looking or listening closely enough… Soulful singer YOVANNI’s got quite the story when you read it.  Arguably, you might even come to the conclusion that, had he not been fired from a job […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Barber Shop Concert”/ “Willin’”

Mario Marco Farinato – “Barber Shop Concert”/ “Willin’”– Singles Review I’ve always gotten the feeling that Mario Marco Farinato was born to make music.  Judging purely on his level of dedication to the art…from audio to video, from his own songs to the music of others, I genuinely find this guy to be truly inspiring […]Read More

The Polls Are Officially Open!

Join us on our quest for the Best New Sound of 2018 here at sleepingbagstudios by casting your vote at the official polling station at the top of our homepage.  This is just one of those friendly portals that’ll take you there in case you missed it on your way in – click LET ME […]Read More

King Co$ta – Soundcloud Singles

King Co$ta – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review Alrighty…all the way from Ireland, we got a young rapper making his way across the globe here – King Co$ta in the mix today y’all.  Definitely some wild skills on display and certainly not short on personality – we’re checking out what the King brings to the […]Read More

Matthew Hipps – “Bartender”

Matthew Hipps – “Bartender” – Single Review Ahhhhhhhh – well done Matthew! You know, when I first started this cut out and listened for the first time, I felt like I was meeting the blissful marriage between Indie sounds like you’d find from Grandaddy or Pavement at their most innocent, humble, and sincere, coming through […]Read More

Ace A CAped CrusAder – Lonely A

Ace A CAped CrusAder – Lonely A – Album Review Interesting stuff for sure.  Putting on Lonely A for the first time, it’s clear that Ace A CAped CrusAder has definitely been through some hard times – this entire album dives extremely deep into savagely heavy personal thoughts, observations, feelings, and emotions.  Sure he’s rappin’ […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue – Album Review Believe it or not, this is actually the third review on the music of Ronald Williams within four months!  Safe to say that things are heating up creatively over on his end of the screen & studio boards from the sound of everything that’s been coming our […]Read More

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