Month: <span>October 2018</span>

Aidan – As Long As I Close My Eyes, I’m

Aidan – As Long As I Close My Eyes, I’m By Myself – Album Review I’m gonna take a different approach to this review.  It’s not every day that an artist like Aidan comes along, though we do see the guy more often than more I suppose…relentlessly creative & restless soul that he is.  I’ve […]Read More

Foster Europe Band – “Another Round”

This jam EXPLODES with the flavor, color, and character of the true spirit of ROCK.  Foster Europe Band is crushin’ it with a killer video supporting the fiery riff-fueled vibe on the new single “Another Round” – this is seriously exciting stuff to check out visually and audibly…it’s wild, it’s rhythmic, it’s got a strong […]Read More

Tian Boothe – “Shattered Dream”

Powerful stuff.  Tian Boothe has released a remarkable video to support her single “Shattered Dream.”  With an delicate, enchanting & endearing song that fuses Indie, R&B, and DreamPop into one, Tian sings sweetly with complex emotions fueling the energy & vibe of both the song & video.  Give this fine lady some credit will ya?  […]Read More

Yvonne Sangudi – “MistaRomeo”

Yvonne Sangudi – “MistaRomeo” – Single Review It’s interesting to me that Pop music would still easily be considered one of the world’s top genres when it comes to the mainstream after being here with the independents for so long…I feel like if someone asked me what genres I see the most of or have […]Read More

Hanogi Stone – “Spend The Night”

Beautiful sound to the sensual single “Spend The Night” by Hanogi Stone…definitely an Electro-Pop vibe you can really feel.  Love the twist on the vocal sound with the vibrant effects used and the entire shift into the chorus hits the sweet-spot perfectly; this whole single has a great combination of colorful imagination, sincere melody, and […]Read More

Victoria Celestine – “Alive”

Victoria Celestine – “Alive” – Single Review Massive YES to this. I love everything about Victoria Celestine’s new single…which is kind of a given…we’ll likely ALL feel the same about “Alive.”  What can I say?  I have a penchant for melody and fantastic singers – don’t you? For real, if she keeps up what she’s […]Read More

Paige Milan – “Going Places”

Paige Milan is “Going Places” – ain’t no doubt about it! Structured to deliver and performed with an empowering & uplifting energy, her single “Going Places” takes powerful vocal hooks and a brilliant Electro/R&B vibe to undeniably catchy territory you’ll want to turn right up & sing along with.  Stunning job on the song, excellent […]Read More

84Brozay – “In Love”

Trap done RIGHT y’all – this jam hits the mark.  84Brozay gets it.  This is the rhythm & flow you WANT to hear as a listener right here is what this is – 84Brozay will silence a few haters of Trap pretty damn quickly with the skilled performance he puts into the m-i-c on his […]Read More

ShadeReggae – “Yardie”

Come get some of that good ol’ island-flavor in your stereos and check out the latest from artist ShadeReggae!  Authentic stuff too – she’s comin’ at ya straight from Jamaica, a well-known mecca for the Reggae vibe – so you know without question that Shade’s been born and raised with this exceptional sound flowing all […]Read More

El Asuco – “Welcome To My City”

El Asuco ain’t fuckin’ around y’all!  Listen to this emcee spit hot bars and bring the fire to the m-i-c as he takes you for a verbal tour and represents where he’s comin’ from on his brand-new single “Welcome To My City.”  Givin’ shouts to the places that have made him into the powerful emcee […]Read More

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