Month: <span>May 2018</span>

Annie Fitzgerald – “Black & Blue”

Annie Fitzgerald – “Black & Blue” – Single Review Fully approve!  Good lordy – what’s not to love about this fantastic artist & amazing song? Annie Fitzgerald is just about ready to officially release her brand-new album You & Me & The Sun – it comes out officially tomorrow…so we’re like, hours away at this […]Read More

Atratune – “Destiny”/”The Only One”

Atratune – “Destiny”/”The Only One” – Singles Review Like I had mentioned on the SBS Podcast in our latest episode, Atratune has already had quite a busy year!  Videos & music of all kinds, thousands upon thousands of plays on his channels continuing to rack up – the support behind the ever-sweet sound of Atratune […]Read More

Stepping Sideways – “Destined To Fall”

Stepping Sideways – “Destined To Fall” – Single Review Right on – this gets beefy. In those initial seconds of my first experience listening to “Destined To Fall,” for just a brief moment there, I thought I might be in for just another hard-rock/metal song.  No knock on Stepping Sideways – every song’s gotta start […]Read More

SBS Podcast 049

What an entire variety of all-out awesomeness on today’s show! We get right into details on what’s happening with the Atratune project – AND what’s goin’ on in the debut of Hip-Hop artist SUMiT – AND an interview with Roman Kharkovsky – AND tunes from each and every one of them plus MORE? All in […]Read More

Roman Kharkovsky – Rituals

Roman Kharkovsky – Rituals – Album Review Here’s a name you might recognize – Roman Kharkovsky!  We’ve spent a good portion of this week reviewing his music, which started with checking out his 2013 record Tales Of Kharkov Through The Eyes Of My Nightingale, and eventually led to us picking his brain in our most […]Read More

3Fortiori – “Demons”

Check out the latest cut from 3Fortiori – a stylistically & slickly designed track that goes deep into the low-end vibe to supply a beat that’ll stick with ya!  Combined with tight rhymes & auto-tuned hooks – 3Fortiori examines life & love and the danger of temptation on “Demons” – they roll through this cut […]Read More

Roman Kharkovsky

Roman Kharkovsky Interview SBS:  The infamous Roman Kharkovsky!  Thanks so much for taking some time to talk to us here at SBS and to all the people out there reading.  Let’s get everyone on the same page to start, so those that haven’t heard you yet get an idea of what you’re all about.  How […]Read More

Ception Of Ty – “Dream Of Dying”

One of our favorite experimental/art+music projects that we’ve stumbled upon this year is back with more amazing audio/visual reasons to love’em – Ception Of Ty has just released the new video/single for “Dream Of Dying” and continues to show the world their bold uniqueness.  All the way from Greece – the combined duo of Ntinos […]Read More

Riverman – Something This Way Comes Promo

Riverman – Something This Way Comes Promo – Singles Review According to legend, aka the info I’ve got in front of me, Riverman started in 2017, built upon three players that were looking to depart from their strictly Metal backgrounds in search of something new.  Don’t get me wrong…Metal’s great…but this crew is onto something […]Read More

Suko Bars & Hood G – “New Freezer”

Suko Bars & Hood G – “New Freezer” – Music Video Release/Review “Y’ain’t never spit a 16 so cold.”  #truth homies. Peep this y’all – “New Freezer” from Suko Bars & Hood G – two emcees that bring undeniable personality to the mic on their new cut & onscreen in the killer new video shot […]Read More