Year: <span>2017</span>

Sam And The Black Seas – “Something Went Wrong”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Something Went Wrong” – Single Review There continues to be every reason to support this band. Believe me…if you saw this side of the screen from wherever you are and the amount of requests I take-in to listen to & follow Sam And The Black Seas & what they’re […]Read More

Tyler Colt – “Look At Me”

You’ll be PUMPED for this new-single from Tyler Colt released here to the page to help warm-up your winter – check out the video for his single “Look At Me” below and the links underneath to find out more about his music! Official Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Be the next artist […]Read More

The Identity Crisis And King George – “The Bottom Of

THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS And King George – “The Bottom Of The Ocean” – Music Video Release! Check out the latest from the collaborative efforts between THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS and King George on one of the singles from their upcoming EP called A Dark Light Vol. 1 being released officially on Jan. 6th!  Solid rhythm & […]Read More

Christopher T – “Do It Again (Better Dayz)”

Christopher T – “Do It Again (Better Dayz)” – Single Review Excellent uplifting energy on Christopher T’s exciting new electro-groove called “Do It Again (Better Dayz)” – I feel like I’ve had this track on repeat all night long here!  Mind you, I’ve been bouncing back & forth between two versions of the new-single…so that […]Read More

Arda & The Stolen Moon – Minutes Into Years

Arda & The Stolen Moon – Minutes Into Years – Album Review Wow!  First impressions!  First thing I saw was the cost on the ‘Super Ltd Edition’ and the fact that Arda & The Stolen Moon have already impressively sold half of the stock on this particular version, which retails at €75…and I tried as […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – “Grey (She Smiles)”

Chaz Chambers – “Grey (She Smiles)” – Single Review I suppose it’s been nearly two years since last we got our hands/ears on some new stuff from the reliable source of music-entertainment known as Chaz Chambers.  Always enjoyed this guy’s ideas in his writing…there’s a uniqueness in Chaz’s music that I believe comes incredibly naturally […]Read More

A Resolution To Steel My Resolve

A Resolution To Steel My Resolve I’ll fully admit to writing the title of this article and then looking up the exact meaning to make sure it was getting across what I really wanted to say here today.  Turns out it was definitely what I was looking for…I wanted something that sounded like something I’d […]Read More

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