Month: <span>November 2017</span>

Omar Bowing – “Restrained”

Omar Bowing – “Restrained” – Single Review You know, for such a heavy sound & style of music, Omar Bowing sure finds a way to put art into metal. I use metal as one of the terms you could use to describe his band’s sound…you could just as easily call it progressive, alternative & even […]Read More

YoLa x Jack – “Metissé”

Electro & Hip-Hop music combine through the collaborative efforts of YoLa x Jack on their latest video/song for the single “Metissé.”  Expertly shot video and an energetic song with plenty of hooks and vibrant sounds to enjoy, “Metissé” is already making major waves out there since its release and racking up thousands of views & […]Read More

The Naddiks – “RagTop (Yosef Flumeri Remix)”

The Naddiks – “RagTop (Yosef Flumeri Remix)” – Single Review It completely makes sense to me that as an artist or band, receiving your music back in a remixed form HAS to be a seriously rad experience.  No matter the result, if you have the ability to let go of your art and find yourself […]Read More

Kiev – Half Man Half Amazing

Kiev – Half Man Half Amazing – Album Review Psssssst.  Hey.  Hey emcees. Kiev’s outworking you. Back for the third release of this year, rapper Kiev has thirteen savage new cuts on a brand-new full-length record called Half Man Half Amazing.  We heard the Infinite Positivity EP at the beginning of the year and got […]Read More

Ivansson – Gotcha!

Ivansson – Gotcha! – Album Review Not to brag or anything…but the independent music-scene has been pretty damn kind as of late.  I’ve had the good fortune of taking in some great tunes over the past week or so – and more or less, it’s all been somewhat ‘outside’ of my normal taste…bands like Dave’s […]Read More

Nina Söderquist – “Goodbye” Featuring Björn Skifs

Nina Söderquist – “Goodbye” Featuring Björn Skifs – Single Review There are a lot of interesting techniques and undeniable talents being applied on the new single from Nina Söderquist.  “Goodbye,” the brand-new single featuring a duet with Björn Skifs already has the benefit of two stunning vocalists, but it also applies bold ideas in the […]Read More

GoodxJ – “Sunrise”

Solid positive hip-hop with a genuine old-school vibe that hits the mark, GoodxJ has a brand-new single called “Sunrise” that’ll start your day off right.  Of course, if you have a listen to this emcee’s words, you’ll notice this song goes down just as smooth as night turns to day – so really, there’s no […]Read More

Brigz Crawford – “4am Freestyle”

Rapper Brigz Crawford has a lot on his mind – and even though it might be late at night, don’t think that’s gonna stop him from expressing those thoughts in-full over the mic on his latest cut, “4am Freestyle.”  You can hear skills, rhythm and a confident flow as Brigz Crawford delivers bar-after-bar of lyrical […]Read More

O.D.D. – The Disorder

O.D.D. – The Disorder – EP Review Always risk involved with a statement like “influences like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rush and Led Zeppelin are glaringly obvious…”  To be fair to O.D.D., this insinuation refers to their debut self-titled EP…and we’re talking about the new record, The Disorder EP today…I’m just saying it’s one hell of […]Read More

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