Month: <span>July 2017</span>

Ant Vibe – RSVP

Ant Vibe – RSVP – Album Preview/Singles Review Ant Vibe impressed us in March when we heard him laying down singles in preparation for this very moment, the release of his album RSVP – so I’m back to talk a bit more about the songs on this record.  Even though I was digging what I […]Read More

Stereoshifter – Whatever It Is To You

Stereoshifter – Whatever It Is To You – EP Review We’ve had the chance to experience all-sides to the grunge sound over these past years reviewing music at sleepingbagstudios…from the sloppy fuck-you attitude in The Vanilla Milkshakes to the soul-stealing, tortured screams and meaty riffs from The Pit, to the next-phase of grunge & where […]Read More

Roman – Empire

Roman – Empire – Album Review Well now.  I’d be willing to bet that the mischievous smile on Roman’s face on the cover of his new album Empire could be likely inspired by the story on the opening tune, “Come On Over Here.”  What a beginning to an album and what a visual first-impression; I […]Read More

Jack Of None – Who Shot Bukowski?

Jack Of None – Who Shot Bukowski? – Album Review There aren’t too many bands that I’ve been looking forward to coming back as much as this one – Jack Of None is by far one of my favorite projects out there right now for its combination of cutting edge sound, dark & brilliant poetry […]Read More

The Gin Pennies – “Hypnotized” (Live @ The Compound)

Beautiful stuff from a whole band full of gentle, sweet & rhythmic sounds – check out the latest from The Gin Pennies, live at the Compound performing their gorgeous new single “Hypnotized.”  Full of wonderful instrumentation, musicianship and stunning vocals – for fans of West My Friend, our first-ever winner of our annual Best New […]Read More

K-GOOD – “Diamond” Feat. Eric Stoner & Altitude High

Check this out!  For those that dig their rhymes freestyled, K-GOOD has got you covered.  On his latest single/video for “Diamond” the emcees involved roll the words out straight off the top of their domes and into the mic.  Complete with a distorted visual perspective to match the energy in this twisted tune – check […]Read More

Danny Baxley – Love Sex Alcohol

Danny Baxley – Love Sex Alcohol – Album Review What a bold handful of innovators we’ve had at the homepage since coming back from vacation!  Artists & bands like David Sempier, Static Choke and just yesterday with David Stephenson – this summer is bringing out some intensely genius music.  Even the stuff that we expected […]Read More

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “In My Prison”

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere – “In My Prison” – Single Review Sometimes it’s just rad to have something that sounds cool.  As in, last time with Roger Cole’s solo-single I read like, waaaaaaaay too much into it.  Back with his regular cohort Paul Barrere for their new song “In My Prison,” they’ve created an […]Read More

Handsome Balla – Soundcloud Songs

Handsome Balla – Soundcloud Songs – Singles Review On the one hand, I can listen to Handsome Balla and feel like I’m listening to a quality tune that’s tightly made and well-executed…on the other hand, the old-guy in me sure wonders sometimes what makes people write about what they choose to write about.  It’s not […]Read More

David Stephenson – I Become Disaster

David Stephenson – I Become Disaster – Album Review An eclectic & diverse palette in music can lead artists to supreme moments creatively.  Having a large knowledge of different styles & sounds, whether they’re always ‘your’ thing or not doesn’t end up really even mattering…by sheer exposure, influences bleed into our work.  If you’re one […]Read More

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