Month: <span>July 2017</span>

SBS Live This Week 067

Been a while since we got a video-interview back – and now here we are, with I, Symptom all the way from Budapest, Hungary!  Absolutely awesome stuff in this interview, great answers, great editing…highly creative and tons of valuable information and insight into all-things I, Symptom.  These video-interviews have always been one of the most […]Read More

Reid Lee – “To The Limit”

Salute to Reid Lee!  Starting our day off on a positive note – I found the caption underneath his latest video for “To The Limit” to sum up his song and my own personal beliefs like they were meant to be together all along…it reads:  “Push yourself beyond what you believe yourself capable of.”  I […]Read More

Josh Taerk – “Rock N Roll On”

Hard to resist country-rock from singer/songwriter Josh Taerk on his latest single “Rock N Roll On.”  Built on solid, melodic hooks and big guitars – you can usually find Josh onstage rocking out like his life depends on it…from what we’ve read & what we understand about this artist…rock-music runs right through his veins and […]Read More

Jigsaw Man – No Home

Jigsaw Man – No Home – EP Review What a seriously cool EP!  I’ve been looking for something with a bit of humbleness and honesty in its sound for what feels like an eternity.  Chances are it hasn’t been as long as I think it has…but I do listen to a lot of music…it is […]Read More

Emeczy – “Founding Fathers”

Rapper Emeczy has got a solid single/video for his cut “Founding Fathers” – check it out below!  Highly entertaining in both its visual/audio aspects – the video is really well edited & produced with lots of spectacular cuts from scene to scene as Emeczy keeps the quality consistently flowing from the mic & the beat […]Read More

Field Of Giants – In Arcadia

Field Of Giants – In Arcadia – Album Review Man.  I gotta say…nearly ten-times out of ten, a bio or description of a band is about ten miles off in describing a band’s style or sound by comparison to others.  In the case of Field Of Giants…I don’t actually know that they could have picked […]Read More

Leisure McCorkle – “Turn It Up”

Here’s something rad – check this out!  From the Gaslight Sessions, performing live in St. Louis, Missouri, Leisure McCorkle takes to the stage solo to perform his song “Turn It Up” in the video below.  Full of the magic you’ll find in great songwriting, he performs confidently with a ton of heart & melody in […]Read More

Moses Guest – “Light”

Originally based out of Colorado, now calling Houston, TX home – wherever they’ve been or wherever they end up, Moses Guest has been officially making the world a better place through music for over 25 years!  They’ve just recently finished up the recordings for their new album Light and are prepping the final details for […]Read More

Christopher Hawley – “9 Tattoos”

You gotta dig this!  Christopher Hawley has that free-spirited attitude that makes music FUN.  I was checking out a couple videos of his…you can see him at the ‘Folk-n-Soak’ festival, which looks completely awesome, but also really looks like a perfect place for his music to be enjoyed.  His latest cut, a song called “9 […]Read More

LexiSugar – The Journey

LexiSugar – The Journey – EP Review If you watch “The Story Of ‘The Journey’” and check out the tale behind LexiSugar’s new EP, The Journey, you’ll not only get excellent details on what went into the record, but also insight into the man himself.  LexiSugar, aka Alexander Akpan-Ita, was born in Nigeria – to […]Read More

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