Month: <span>April 2017</span>

Auktave Productions – “Relentless”

Solid, chilled-out electro-beat & stunning slow-mo visuals to match – check out the latest video/single from Auktave Productions called “Relentless” below! Find more music from Auktave Productions and stay up to date on their latest cuts & videos at the official YouTube channel: Be the next artist or band to have your latest song […]Read More

Shane Guerrette – “Wound Up”

Shane Guerrette – “Wound Up” – Single Review Well the jokes on YOU Shane Guerrette – I live, thrive & survive off of songs produced/recorded in bedrooms across the globe!  Finding out that the new single “Wound Up” was made in that familiar DIY-style we know & love at sleepingbagstudios only made me more intrigued […]Read More

SBS Podcast 027

Brand-new episode digging into the independent-scene’s penchant for crossing the borders of genres and physical landscapes to get to your waiting ears! Featuring music from: Carry Illinois, Austin Jones Band, Evoletah, Yellow Paper Planes, The Grave Jinglers, Empire Of Gold, Jack Alacka, Robyn Cage, Suits Boulevard and a brand-new tune pre-release from Toby Poynter!   […]Read More

Toby Poynter – “The War On D”

Toby Poynter – “The War On D” – Single Review This man is on a serious roll right now. After checking out his singles “A New Beginning” and “The Comeback” at the end of 2016, I was already convinced that singer/songwriter Toby Poynter had a verifiable future you could hear in his music.  Confirming my […]Read More

A.Lane – Soundcloud Singles

A.Lane – Singles Review From the mind of A.Lane, one of the artist’s responsible for the hip-hop jam supreme called “Jabars” that I’ve been cranking-up on the stereo since the summer of 2016, we’ve got three new cuts to listen to & talk about in review today.  Last time out this emcee revealed much potential […]Read More

0176 – Lung Flower (Live @ The Astoria 2015)

One of the raddest things about the music-scene in Vancouver, B.C., is also one of the aspects people complain most about…the ever-changing landscape of where bands can/can’t play.  We’ve seen brutal closures from Richards On Richards, Funky Winkerbeans and The Railway Club…in addition to dozens-upon-dozens more…but let’s not forget they tend to open up again […]Read More

Mirai Tomli – “Planes”

Check out the latest video from singer/songwriter Mirai Tomli for his new single “Planes.”  This particular dose of R&B/Soul comes from his latest EP called Moving Through Space Vol. 2, which was also released in March & you can find that record right here at this link to his page at Soundcloud. Find out more […]Read More

The Forgotten 45’s – In Case You Forgot Sampler

The Forgotten 45’s – In Case You Forgot – Album Sampler/Singles Review What a pleasant surprise!  And by that, I don’t just mean that the music is good…but that also with 2 out of the 4 songs in review today from their album-sampler matching titles within the Red Hot Chili Peppers catalog…it was actually a […]Read More

åMBe – “Of Your Crimes”

Ever since hearing åMBe’s EP, Enemy Of The People, in the final-third of 2016, I was hooked.  The music was exceptional…fantastic…visionary and artistic – it instantly resonated with me and so strongly in fact, that åMBe went on to score one of the coveted top-ten spots at the end of the year when the official […]Read More

Eon MC Etc. – Southern L.O.

Eon MC Etc. – Southern L.O. – Album Review United Statements presents Eon MC Etc.’s new record Southern L.O. – and for that, we thank them.  Seriously…all hands/ears on-deck and involved…anyone from a head nod of approval to professional assistance…you all deserve a round of applause for bringing Southern L.O. to fruition.  Full-props of course […]Read More