Month: <span>April 2017</span>

Monelise – “Your Moon”

Gorgeous song & video from singer/songwriter Monelise!  If there’s one thing you know we love here at sleepingbagstudios, it’s the combination of art & music; Monelise has found fantastic ways to do that in her new video for the single “Your Moon,” which combines a beautiful dance routine onscreen alongside her angelic voice and delicate […]Read More

SBS Podcast 028

Slow jammin’! Excellent artists & bands on the show with atmospheric & emotional tunes & ballads for ya this week – sit back, relax & enjoy!   Your official show lineup includes: Man Made Lake – “Lucky” Jean Synodinos – “Real Renegade” åMBe’ – “Little Grain” Bad Reed – “Slackjaw Romance” Yesterdays Promise – “Tomorrow’s […]Read More

JRS3 – “3 Cars 3 Bitches”/”Thank You”

JRS3 – “3 Cars 3 Bitches”/”Thank You” – Singles Review JRS3…consider me officially confused!  Still trying to figure out where you’re at and what you’re all about…never underestimate that aspect, there’s value in that too…but it’s always strange to read social-media and see intentions and ambitions align themselves in a weird way.  Like…as a first-time […]Read More

RADco – “Pulse From Above”

RADco – “Pulse From Above” – Single Review I’ve got homegrown Canadian dynamic groove-rock from RADco in the form of their latest single/video called “Pulse From Above” raging through the studio’s speakers tonight.  Released at the end of February this year…word on the street is that RADco is determined to make 2017 their year and […]Read More

Sienná – Q.o.S

Sienná – Q.o.S – Album Review Let me tell you people…sometimes a connection to a record can be a seriously instantaneous thing.  I was barely more than twenty-seconds into “Yes” before I realized just how much I was about to LOVE what Sienná was going to bring to my speakers…and by the time I was […]Read More

Stephanie Braganza – “Chains Of Silence”

Stephanie Braganza – “Chains Of Silence” – Single Review If there’s something to be said for Stephanie Braganza…it’s that she certainly knows how to make an impact through her music.  She released a highly interesting single and sharply-pointed video at the end of last year to support World Day For Farmed Animals; a song called […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “No One Knows

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “No One Knows Me” – Single Review You know something?  This is a solid tune! Even though I’ve already been proven to be a fan of Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders many times over on these pages…make no mistake, “No One Knows Me” is a really damn […]Read More

Digital Escort – “A Beautiful Tragedy”

Digital Escort – “A Beautiful Tragedy” – Single Review These guys keep putting the pieces of their puzzle together in all kinds of impressive ways.  We’ve been following Digital Escort for almost exactly a year at this point…just a tiny bit past our anniversary celebration of stumbling onto one of the raddest electro-industrial combos out […]Read More

0177 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album

So many awesome memories from Man Made Lake taking over the studio in 2014!  They’ve got a brand-new album out this year called Godless and continue to thrive out there in the music-scene…check out some more shots from our time with them from a couple years back!Read More