Month: <span>June 2016</span>

Chords Of Truth – “Wonder”

Chords Of Truth – “Wonder” – Single Review Sweet intentions, melody, harmonies and ambitions flare in the new single “Wonder” by Chords Of Truth.  A beautifully-mixed light-folk/acoustic tune – it’s been a very long time since we last heard from Jason Garriotte, the main musician driving the entire project…but it’s comforting to know that this […]Read More

The Grandfather – Tomb/Stone

The Grandfather – Tomb/Stone – EP Review If your grandfather sounded anything like this while you were growing up as a kid, you would have shit your pants and running screaming in the other direction.  At least in like, 85% of cases or more, I guarantee it.  Some of you got lucky with youngsters that […]Read More

Jordan Copas – Un>Likely

Jordan Copas – Un>Likely – Album Review Lightning-quick emcee & solo-artist Jordan Copas puts on an atmosphere of attitude & determination in the opening track “Small Town America” on his new album Un>Likely.  Even the album title itself is a reference to the idea that he’s gotta beat the odds to make it, coming from […]Read More

Lulu216 – “Critics”

Lulu216 – “Critics” – Single Review From the moment the innovative & creative samples started the music of Lulu216’s new single “Critics” I was pretty much hooked already…the heading from that to the confident way she approaches the mic on the first verse, right into the empowering chorus and message and topped off with a […]Read More

Max Million – Monogramma

Max Million – Monogramma – EP Review Hot off the press!  I’m serious – this is about as fresh as it gets…not just in the incredible sounds on this new EP from Max Million, but I’m talking about timeline itself – the Monogramma EP just came out today!  If you’re a fan of electronic-music, IDM, […]Read More

Bonesteel – Epitome Of Infamy

Bonesteel – Epitome Of Infamy – EP Review Seriously explosive tunes from Bonesteel, a three-piece from Los Angeles, CA that sounds like they’re ready to torch the entire sunset-strip with their big & beefy, meaty-metal sound.  Mind you, there’s a lot more going on…but I’d definitely say metal is certainly straight at the forefront of […]Read More

Altamina – Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight

Altamina – Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight – Album Review Canadian-based band Altamina has a sound & style that I can definitely identify with.  Very similar to the best songs from The National…the slow ones where each song has a magical part you just wish would go on for forever…Altamina seems to be built of […]Read More

HelloHeathen – Music To Die To

HelloHeathen – Music To Die To – EP Review Considering the last time we heard from HelloHeathen, he dropped off some demo-tunes that had just been recorded over his phone and I STILL welcomed them with open arms & ears…well…I’m sure you can imagine just how happy I am to see this guy show up […]Read More

SBS Podcast 006

Awesome new music from Sonificade, A Truth Called Nothing, B. Notes, Da Butcher, The L.A.W., Roy Catlin & The Dudes, Undocument, Jack Of None, Scott SK Miller & A.Lane, Styop Quoons and your host Jer @ SBS – come get it!   To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview […]Read More

Ace, Scott SK Miller, A.Lane – Soundcloud Collection

Ace, Scott SK Miller, A.Lane – Soundcloud Collection – Singles Review Alright…we’ve got a collaboration of sorts…at least in the sense that we’re throwing three separate artists into the mix here in this morning’s review if nothing else!  But you’ll see…the five tracks I’ve got represent each of the three individuals, Ace, Scott SK Miller, […]Read More

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