Month: <span>June 2016</span>

Peak Arrival – Way Up

Peak Arrival – Way Up – EP Review From the moment that “Life Goes On” started the Way Up EP from Peak Arrival I felt like I was in for something fun, something unique.  Immediately greeted by a playful piano melody and a beautiful set of vocals from both Meaghan Mader and Luigi Cararetto – […]Read More

Race Against Fate – “Fearlessly”

Race Against Fate – “Fearlessly” – Single Review Some of our best moments creatively come from some of the most tragic events in our lives.  The strength of an emotional connection can lead an artist into some of their most sincere songs…even if they’re only initially written with self-therapy intended, as a way out of […]Read More

TrackSevenBand – The Try And The Fail

TrackSevenBand – The Try And The Fail – EP Review I feel like I don’t get to hear music like this often enough…right now, TrackSevenBand is completely hitting the spot for me.  With a blend of solid instrumentation, real ideas in the writing and professional execution – the multilayered TrackSevenBand is kicking out the smooth-jams […]Read More

Marc Alba – “Hold Up”

Marc Alba – “Hold Up” – Single Review For the lovers of all-things-electronic out there, you’re pretty much guaranteed to like the new-cut from March Alba, called “Hold Up.”  The rest of you people out there supporting other genres of all kinds…probably aren’t going to find themselves turning this off either…there are a ton of […]Read More

Morning Fame – “Time Of The Blackened Sun”

Morning Fame – “Time Of The Blackened Sun” – Single Review Always enjoy hearing new stuff from Morning Fame…feels like it’s been a while since last we did!  I wonder if they’ve noticed we’ve moved in next door to them in good ol’ Ottawa, not too far away from where they’re based out of in […]Read More

Daddy T – “Money Long”

Daddy T – “Money Long” – Single Review Doing my best here on this one…reggae-music and I have never really been in-sync with each other.  Daddy T is definitely bringing out the island-inspired beats & sounds of the genre on “Money Long” – and in parts of it…it makes sense to me enough to dig […]Read More

Georgina Revell – “Grounded”

Georgina Revell – “Grounded” – Single Review Up until this point, Georgina Revell has been held back, or holding out on us.  She’s been solidly establishing herself in the music-scene over the past two-three years…but all through covers, remixes and as a featured artist on other songs by other people…but she’d yet to have given […]Read More

Da Challenger – “Loved & Lost”

Da Challenger – “Loved & Lost” – Single Review A good lead single will make you want to listen to the rest of the music on the record.  I remember back in the day, sometimes you’d hear a single so good you’d tear the CD package open with your teeth if you had to, whatever […]Read More

RaKeem – Singles

RaKeem – Singles Reviewed RaKeem’s done pretty well with these new singles we’ve gotten ahold of.  For the most part, what I’ve heard is a solid mix in R&B/hip-hop music, well-written songs that showcase some of the real strengths that RaKeem has as a singer/songwriter.  As a set of four singles…with no additional information to […]Read More

0119 – Aztec Album II

Additional shots from one of our favorite bands in the indie-music scene, Aztec of Vancouver Island.  They made it over on their way through town on tour to crash for the night and let a couple sets rip in the studio.  Got B-sides and rarities on this incredible band for miles and miles!  They stayed […]Read More

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