Month: <span>November 2015</span>

Franki Love – “Walking Wounded”

Franki Love – “Walking Wounded” – Single Review Much has changed in the life of Franki Love since we last reviewed her music and examined her single, song-writing & singing on her previous release “Lullaby.” Though we had only first uncovered her music just about 5-6 months back, in the process of listening we discovered […]Read More

Shadows & Mirrors – Dangerous

Shadows & Mirrors – Dangerous – EP Review Some pretty inventive stuff coming out of the speakers this morning due to the dark-art & mischevious-music of Rockford, Illionois’ industrial/goth/electro/rock band Shadows & Mirrors. A set of rhythmic-grooves that pulse wildly like the beginning spurts of a jugular-stabbing; the music still has a ton of life […]Read More

Shelita Burke – Transfixed

Shelita Burke – Transfixed – EP Review Shelita Burke has put together a wonderful, mystical set of rhythms and melodies on her latest EP, Transfixed. Right from the drop as it opens – this lady stole my heart with an absolutely inspiring performance through her vocals…jazzy in the sound…there’s a lot of style and grace […]Read More

Sevencore – Collide

Sevencore – Collide – Album Review Well now! So far so GOOD! I gotta admit…seeing the name ‘seven’-anything makes me instantly cringe at the thought of the world possibly having given birth to another version of the band Sevendust, or Seven Mary Three while I was asleep on watch…and what a terrible tragedy that would […]Read More

0068 – Closer (Live @ The Railway Club 2013)

Here’s a look at some of our favourite memories from our history…the SBS Photo Journal!  Gathered from our show SBS Live This Week, live events around local Vancouver, BC & beyond, and from all our random experiences here at the place we love more than anything, sleepingbagstudios. Since their inception…sleepingbagstudios has been right there to […]Read More

Paint In Motion – Crush Love Heartbreak

Paint In Motion – Crush Love Heartbreak – EP Review You know something…these guys really get themselves. In reading the write-up for Paint In Motion, I noticed they took the time to mention that they’re songs are ‘reminiscent of 1990’s rock radio’ – and honestly I don’t think I could possibly agree more. And that’s […]Read More

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams

Jason Daniels – Cinematic Dreams – EP Review Well…either the blues are defined by the aspect of a song containing a slide-guitar part…or I’ve got some strangely-labelled MP3’s here that definitely led me to believe I’d be listening to something that sounds a lot different than what I started hearing on Cinematic Dreams by Jason […]Read More

RhythmRug – “Near Or Far”

RhythmRug – “Near Or Far” – Single Review After having been introduced to the music of RhythmRug a couple months back through the single-review of the song “The Giver” – it was fair to still not quite have an idea as to what to fully expect when getting my hands on the new-single called “Near […]Read More

DWARF – It’s About Time

DWARF – It’s About Time – Album Review If the sound of the lead-tune on It’s About Time by DWARF is any indication of what’s about to come at me here in my late-night listening…I’m about to fuckin LOVE LIFE. The opening-cut, “Misinformed” is nothing short of brilliant alt-indie/pop-rock bliss…there are no overly-rounded edges that […]Read More

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