Month: <span>September 2015</span>

Astral Darkness – Surreal Dreams

Astral Darkness – Surreal Dreams – Album Review After a moment of slight hesitation, I was suddenly a lot more sure that I loved what Astral Darkness has put together. The opening of “Pulsing Star” leans itself towards the quickly-solved mystery of ‘am I about to listen to an amateur or a pro?’ within the […]Read More

Robin B. Czar – Mission Bizarre

Robin B. Czar – Mission Bizarre – Album Review When I tell ya that what you’ll hear from Robin B. Czar (Hey! I see what you did there!) isn’t like anything else you’ve got in the house…you’ll probably wanna trust me on that. And if your curiosity level rivals or equals my own…chances are that […]Read More

Keith Richie – March Of The Inanimate

Keith Richie – March Of The Inanimate – Album Review I tend to get lost hypnotically into the music of Keith Richie – it’s a pleasure to have more music to hear from him and have it represented up here on our pages again so soon after reviewing his latest album Ambient Highways. Released in […]Read More

Russian Roulette – Out Of Control

Russian Roulette – Out Of Control – EP Review Here we go…instant promise on display from the moment that the debut EP from Russian Roulette starts up with “Drown” – that’s definitely the kind of guitar riff that hooks me in, and FAST! From Toronto – you can absolutely hear the Canadian influence on the […]Read More

Syndrome Of Fire – “Not A Slave”

Syndrome Of Fire – “Not A Slave” – Single Review Two years ago we got our first dose of the electro-mechanical rock-grind of Syndrome Of Fire – and since that time we’ve kept a close enough eye on this band to say definitively that the train of success has kept on a-rollin for this talented […]Read More

Tanked – Tanked

Tanked – Tanked – Album Review You gotta love it when the first words that come to your mind have anything to do with ‘Dave Grohl’ when listening to someone’s music. Overall, Tanked is nothing like the Foo Fighters 99% of the time, but there are those rare moments, the moments that you catch Grohl […]Read More

Shining Force – By The Blood

Shining Force – By The Blood – Pre-Release Review As I mentioned very recently…it’s always an honour to be able to check out music prior to release…I feel like such a bandit; but one that very much appreciates the loot in his mitts – or I suppose in my case, ears. Today we’re checking out […]Read More

Phillip Foxley – I’ll Try ‘Till I Die

There are really not too many articles here at that come along before our original interview with the man of the hour today, Phillip Foxley.  Back in early 2013…I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with Phil through one of my first interviews here at SBS and getting my way back into the […]Read More

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