Month: <span>September 2015</span>

Walrus Tales & Planet V – “Matchsticks”

Walrus Tales & Planet V – “Matchsticks” – Single Review Sometimes you can’t believe everything you read or hear…no matter how much you might like or appreciate your source of information. Take the Soundcloud page that houses the new-single “Matchsticks” from the collaborative efforts of Planet V & Walrus Tales – if we’re to believe […]Read More

Jay Jai – The ‘Just Like You’ Sessions

Jay Jai – The ‘Just Like You’ Sessions – Album Review J-day! J-day! J2 the sequel…double-J’s in review today courtesy of Jay Jai on our homepage today – if you were with us earlier this afternoon then you’ve had a chance to catch up on our thoughts on the Backseat Diary EP – and personally […]Read More

Jay Jai – Backseat Diary

Jay Jai – Backseat Diary – EP Review Well! Someone ate their Wheaties before hitting the studio didn’t they? Jay Jai’s new EP Backseat Diary is a vibrant mix of pop-music & R&B and right from the opening moments of “Us” comes out crystal-clear and beautifully in the mix right from the drop. Jay Jai […]Read More

Jonwah Actual – “Bounce The Package”

Jonwah Actual – “Bounce The Package” – Single Review It has been particularly inspiring to be here over these past three-years, but also in particular over the course of this September here at SBS; we’ve seen a great many of the musicians and bands we first saw & met through our beginning-stages return to us […]Read More

Nobility – Be Safe

Nobility – Be Safe – Album Review Man (and by man I mean y’all) – I have been looking forward to hearing more from Nobility since we last reviewed his rap-music on the album State Of Mind sometime over a year ago now I figure. This emcee possessed deadly skills and a virtually unmatchable flow […]Read More

Red Martian – Ghost Into The Fog

Red Martian – Ghost Into The Fog – Album Review sleepingbagstudios presents the sleek Seattle sound of Seattle 2015!…would be what some sort of attention-grabbing headline would read if we were to dissect these past two-weeks. It seems that while the sound & style has long-shifted past the grunge-heyday it became so well-known for, that […]Read More

Luna Rise – Dark Days & Bright Nights

Luna Rise – Dark Days & Bright Nights – Album Review Well…that makes it a little easier now doesn’t it? I was trying to figure out if I’d be correct in saying that the intense-rock music of Luna Rise still has a majorly melodic backbone that they base their music around – and low & […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Seen It All

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Seen It All Before” – Single Review Looky here – it’s our favourite musical-outlaw! Been awhile since we’ve heard from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, but it looks as if Wild-Bill & his cohorts are warming up the machine once again with a lead-single from the upcoming […]Read More

Rimi Basu – The Unveiling

Rimi Basu – The Unveiling – EP Review Ok ok Rimi Basu…I see how you wanna play this out now that I’ve heard the whole EP, The Unveiling; you think you can just up and go right ahead and redefine an entire genre of music with this clever combination of East meets West do you? […]Read More

d.oh – A Lukewarm Reception

d.oh – A Lukewarm Reception – EP Review I was a massive fan of this band’s name until the moment I tried to search for any information related to the music on the ol’ interweb – now I’m not so much a fan of this choice, given that I’m lost in a never-ending sea of […]Read More

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