Month: <span>September 2015</span>

Nick Peay – Sobering

Nick Peay – Sobering – EP Review Armed with a whole crew of talented musicians to bring his songs to life, solo-artist Nick Peay has released the Sobering EP just a little earlier this September into the world awaiting. Those looking for an authentic acoustic/rock sound in the spirit of bands or artists like Toad […]Read More

Ships Have Sailed – Re: Mix

Ships Have Sailed – Re: Mix – EP Review Will Carpenter and Daniel Hange…let me just tell ya guys…you are DANGEROUS! I feel like each of these songs were designed to fit squarely into my rounded face-holes never to leave now that I’ve heard the latest EP, Re: Mix. Incidentally…that’s a freakin’ brilliant title – […]Read More

Steve Nick – Unplugged

Steve Nick – Unplugged – EP Review I almost don’t quite know what to make of this one! An Unplugged EP full of covers from a man two-letters away and likely mistaken in print by many as Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks enough times to fill a page at least I’m sure – we’ve got Steve […]Read More

3MV – “Down To You (GMinor Industrial Mix)”

3MV – “Down To You (GMinor Industrial Mix)” – Single Review Smart idea from 3MV to use a bonus track from the recording sessions of their upcoming album Detours as a lead-in…a warm-up for your musical palette so to speak. In fact…if you listen closely to the very beginnings of “Down To You (GMinor Industrial […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 010

This Day Burns takes on an interview with Ryan @ SBS, we jam in a tune from the indie-rock beasts as well.  Keep an ear out for some other excellent tunes including PyJ and Qualia – enjoy! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview with us by clicking here! […]Read More

Rimi Basu – Crossing Over

Rimi Basu – Crossing Over – EP Review Back with another dose of Rimi Basu on the inside of this month – today we’re checking out another blend of her clever music that marries the traditional sounds of the east with the modern-day influence of the west on her Crossing Over EP. Similar to how […]Read More

Last Ronin – Incognito

Last Ronin – Incognito – EP Review Glitch-Hop! How has THAT sub-genre of other main-genres eluded me, at least by name, after all these years? That’s really a fantastic term to describe much of what I personally listen to – especially if its true definition is anything close to what Last Ronin is creating – […]Read More

Laura Clare – “Expensive Love”

Laura Clare – “Expensive Love” – Single Review There’s pretty much everything working against me on this particular review…please know I’ve done my best to remain objective. Not only is Laura Clare a fantastic singer-songwriter who has definitely got herself a hit-song on her hands with “Expensive Love” but she’s ALSO from my favourite musical-place […]Read More

Against Time – Against Time

Against Time – Against Time – EP Review Heavy rock-band from Ottawa, Against Time makes a punishing mix of sludgy guitars, bass & drums – the meat & potatoes to go with the vocals – much like the inventive title to the new EP, this isn’t a band here to build themselves on flash & […]Read More

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