Month: <span>May 2015</span>

Crazy Nights

Here’s yet another fantastic way sleepingbagstudios can help you with your music.  If you’re interested in the demo song below, you can contact the seller direct from the information provided onscreen in the video, or reach out direct to to learn more about “Crazy Nights” and how you can attain the song for yourself! […]Read More

2Four – 24

2Four – 24 – Mixtape Review Get ready for this one! This new mixtape is being reviewed just slightly ahead of the release; 24 officially drops on May 5th, 2015 and we might very well see another future superstar declare their time with audible authority once this dynamic set of rhythms & verse hit the […]Read More

Soul Chatter – “Sanctuary”

Soul Chatter – “Sanctuary” – Single/Video Review Pleasant! Nothing offensive on the ears here through the new single “Sanctuary” by Soul Chatter…it’s pretty easy listening and overall, seems like a pretty chilled-out vibe. With a video to support the new single full of bright & colourful imagery…”Sanctuary” puts a calm & relaxing mood in your […]Read More

Staring Out The Sun – Break The Silence

Staring Out The Sun – Break The Silence – EP Review Some aggressive and energetic rock from all the way from across the water, based in the UK and courtesy of Staring Out The Sun bears the fruit of some of the powerful sounds made famous in the late 90’s that still continue on strongly […]Read More

Tir Nan Og – Jack Of Folk

Tir Nan Og – Jack Of Folk – Album Review Oh Celtic-music…why don’t we find ourselves getting along much better than we do? My wife had pointed out to me earlier this week that I’d be in for somewhat of a struggle when going to write this one, citing that she doesn’t often find me […]Read More

Ed Layne – Ed Layne

Ed Layne – Ed Layne – Album Review Well! I’m glad good ol’ Ed and I are on the same page! I can definitely hear the impact that some of the listed influences on Ed’s page have made. Immediately opening this new album is “Vicious Circle;” a rocking-cut with a classic heartbeat to it all. […]Read More

Zenith Disco – “Kaleidoscope (Zenith Disco Remix)”

Zenith Disco – “Kaleidoscope (Zenith Disco Remix)” – Single Review It’s interesting doing what I do…let me explain… In general, with all the available opinions, likes, page-views, testimonials etc. that can be purchased nowadays…it can be tough to know what is or what isn’t real. And I get that – that’s exactly what motivates us […]Read More

SaumG – Mind Goes Numb

I am not quite sure that I can quite express just how much I’m digging this video from SaumG…from a sheer editing perspective this video absolutely knocks my socks off; I love the way this is put together.  And the song?  Awesome.  SaumG has got something excellent going on here with “Mind Goes Numb,” an […]Read More

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