Month: <span>May 2015</span>

ded.pixel – Form.Follows.Function

ded.pixel – Form.Follows.Function – EP Review Hmmm…gonna have to go back and check my notes here…I was positive I was about to review an ambient album – I don’t know if I’d actually consider ded.pixel to be so much ambient as perhaps a lighter form of electro. Of course, we’ll all have to get out […]Read More

Xtra Crispy – Planet X

Xtra Crispy – Planet X – Album Review I gotta say…there’s a great chance I am going to piss off a neighbour or two if the new album from Xtra Crispy continues to stay as crunchy as it begins. I love the description I read of this band from Akron, Ohio…it reads simply: Original Blues […]Read More

1FM – Burning Bridges

1FM – Burning Bridges – EP Review Hmmm. 1FM…I think…well…hmm…you know what? I think this band and I are hooked on a great many of the same things. When people have asked me in the past…’what music do I make,’ or maybe more specifically, ‘what’s the music I want to make’ my answer has often […]Read More

Da Challenger – “Get Get Get It”

Da Challenger – “Get Get Get It” – Single Review If I could communicate just how special it truly is to be immersed in the independent music-scene so long now that I’m privileged to know hundreds upon hundreds of bands – but the real magic in longevity is that you get to see, listen to […]Read More

Seashaped – Children Of The Universe

Seashaped – Children Of The Universe – Album Review (Part 1!) Here’s a unique experience I had recently this year while UK-based band Seashaped prepared the follow up to their album “A Pill For Everything” which we’ve reviewed here in the past. Since that time…I’d like to say that Pete & Alison of Seashaped and […]Read More

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turn To Stone”

This lady rocks!  Lynne Taylor Donovan has got a good classic feel to this music and a whole set of talent surrounding her in this video for the single “Turn To Stone.”  It has elements of rock & country with sharp dynamics and melodic harmonies in the music that support Lynne Taylor Donovan’s rock-raspy sweet […]Read More

Glen Neff – “Snitches Permeating Every Object”

Part of me always wonders why more music like this isn’t created.  I’d put this in the ol’ trip-hop section…the hypnotic rhythm from Glen Neff here really hits the spot.  Like The Peace Orchestra or the mellowed-out songs from DJ Shadow…Glen Neff has put together a completely solid groove and a video with some truly […]Read More

Blupa Music – “Precious You”

Blupa Music – “Precious You” – Single Review Kind of like a blend of Tom Petty, Pink Floyd and the Flaming Lips at the helm of the band…with perhaps a little pinch of musical-echoes from Supertramp and Jethro Tull. How’s THAT for a comparison? Blupa Music is definitely creating an audibly pretty atmosphere through the […]Read More

Saul Goodman!

This year has turned out to be one full of highlight achievements for independent music and certainly for us all here at sleepingbagstudios…which as many of you out there know has been only myself and my most excellent web-designer for some time now. And that has finally changed, along with a great many things and […]Read More

Alex Alexander – “She’s A Dynamite”

Here’s a fun song & video from an artist that I’d assume might not sound like you’d expect him to! Swedish-born Alex Alexander has the difficult task of keeping the rock in his pop-rock sound, which clearly wants to push the rock part of itself over the cliff in favor of its pop tendencies.  And […]Read More

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