Month: <span>May 2015</span>

Marriage Material – Marriage Material

Marriage Material – Marriage Material – EP Review Pretty hard not to have a smile on your face while listening to this new EP from Marriage Material; this is extremely well-played and FUN throughout the whole distance of their new recording. Their sound will remind you of many relevant bands over the past decade like […]Read More

“Knife” Sotelo

Things are about to get plenty real. It’s been my pleasure to take some time to ask “Knife” Sotelo some questions and find out about his life in Nu-Metal and what sets him apart from the rest. We cover the map from personal philosophies to music and perhaps for the first time in my life…I’m […]Read More

The Von – “Nothing To Fear”

The Von – “Nothing To Fear” – Single Review I think I’d be insane not to like this new single from The Von! This two-piece is kicking all the ass for me this morning with this extremely clever song, their new single “Nothing To Fear.” Based in South Florida, these two highly enthusiastic musicians are […]Read More

Izzy Malik – Fire

Izzy Malik – Fire – EP Review Strong stuff from Izzy Malik here…for someone who’s kind of questioning her abilities somewhat in the lyrics of the opening track “Beautiful Mistake,” she sure comes out confidently on this new EP, Fire. Have you ever run into that ultra-confident person that just KNOWS they’re awesome? Right – […]Read More

The MASH – “Misery Of You And Me”

The MASH – “Misery Of You And Me” – Single Review You’re going to love this. Seriously…you wanna push play on that Soundcloud player below with the careful consideration that you’ll more than likely want to listen to this song daily. That might not seem like a huge deal…but I have to consider these kinds […]Read More

Jacob Bryant – Through The Windshield

Jacob Bryant – Through The Windshield – EP Review First thing I’ll say is that what I’m about to say…well…I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt there was a time that applied to what I’ll say next… …and that is… Jacob Bryant, sir, if you’ll please indulge me…what I need you to do right now […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – Starchildren

Armada Named Sound – StarChildren – EP Review Here’s a combination of sounds I can get behind. Armada Named Sound is like the twisted lovechild of Madonna & Metric…lots of bouncing playful electro meeting the voice of some serious-but-fun vocals from lead vocalist Andromeda S who carries beautiful dreamlike melodies into the energy of the […]Read More

The Heavy Crown – Full Of Haze

The Heavy Crown – Full Of Haze – Album Review You know if I didn’t know better…indie-rock, I’d say you’re attempting to make a comeback. At the very least this past week has been full of excellent efforts from a whole range of sounds that often make the genre at its best…I’m nothing but pleased […]Read More

Smoking Martha – Smoking Martha

Smoking Martha – Smoking Martha – EP Review Very diverse blend of rock coming out the amplifiers of Brisbane, Australia’s Smoking Martha…I can literally hear this style of music finding a way to capture every fan out there who has a love for classic-rock like Kiss, the alt/metal & melodic parts in the music of […]Read More

HelloHeathen – HelloHeathen

HelloHeathen – HelloHeathen – EP Review Life here at the bag can be a lot stranger than you’d figure sometimes…and today is one of those experiences. Behind the scenes, talking briefly with the creative mind driving the HelloHeathen project, let’s just say we’ve managed to cover a lot of ground…pretty much everything you can say […]Read More

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