Month: <span>May 2015</span>

The Drama Dolls – The Sublime Art Of Self Importance

The Drama Dolls – The Sublime Art Of Self Importance – EP Review Some great pop-rock from UK-based band, known as The Drama Dolls graces our pages today. Some of you might have already been introduced to the four-piece ensemble on our recent episode of SBS Live This Week with special guests Lung Flower; we […]Read More

Hembot Records – The RA-6600

Hembot Records – The RA-6600 – EP Review From two of the most silent artists I’ve ever come across to never say even a basic hello comes the new EP, The RA-6600 from Hembot Records. In a combination of pop-bliss, the two mimes in question are Daniel Olivas and Mark Medley…and the crazy part? They’re […]Read More

EMPRA – Limited Edition USA

EMPRA – Limited Edition USA – EP Review Well as if these three fine people don’t look like a ton of fun! Not sure if it’s still the picture you’ll see when logging in to support EMPRA at their Facebook page…but the photo of these three smiling that’s up there right now is every bit […]Read More

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines – EP Review Sightlines a six song EP from Steve Benjamins that really pushes the envelope with his creation of making music. This is Steve’s third EP and was released on May 15 2015. I really enjoyed listening to his creation and the way he put this together. I know that […]Read More

Seashaped – Children Of The Universe

Seashaped – Children Of The Universe – Album Review (Part II!) So…here I am again to talk about this two-piece band from the UK who’s music I truly love – Seashaped. Now…technically…this is part II of the review concerning their latest album Children Of The Universe and I suppose part II of this experiment in […]Read More

Olya – Utopia

Olya – Utopia – EP Review At the very least, you’ve got to appreciate this new EP from Brooklyn, New York-based electro-pop artist Olya…it’s completely put together and assembled entirely by this beautiful lady 100% on her own. And you already know well-enough – we LOVE DIY here at sleepingbagstudios, and especially when it turns […]Read More

Tunsi – “Walk With Me”

Tunsi – “Walk With Me” – Single Review When you picture the greatest-of-the-greats in your mind – what do you see in your mind? For me…not only do I see the incredible skills and talent of whatever people are involved, but a great many things that led them to their time in the spotlight. Combinations […]Read More

Deedub And KLB – “Pure Love”

Deedub And KLB – “Pure Love” – Single Review Well! So there’s this… Deedub and KLB have put together a good-time collaboration through their new single “Pure Love,” an infusion of reggae and rap that certainly depicts a lot of imagery that helps you imagine the fantastic life they must be living right now in […]Read More