Month: <span>January 2015</span>

SBS Separated 011 – Trev Conkey (Live @ SBS 2014)

SBS Separated Continues! Enjoy This!  Trev Conkey…from what I knew was a drummer before I saw this.  He’s gone on to become quite the singer-songwriter…we got to catch a pretty magical moment of that transformation outside of the SBS main studio, acoustically performing his track “Pink Daisies” for our event with Rod Matheson of Everyday […]Read More

Dynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science

Dynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science – Album Review Sooooooo…..yeahhhhhh. This is about as sick as it can get. Honestly…was it supposed to all come out THIS good? This is ‘Gift-Of-Gab’ quality; you know, the dude that once rapped the periodic table of elements for the excellent hip-hop group Blackalicious? Seriously! […]Read More

SBS Separated 010 – Failure (Live @ The Rickshaw 2014)

SBS Separated continues on! Featuring a video per day for the month of January from our show SBS Live This Week’s past history and various other video projects throughout our past. Enjoy this!  Couldn’t even believe we got to see this band up close after all their years away, and no rumor has it directly […]Read More

ZeroSound – “The Night Out (Remix)”

ZeroSound – “The Night Out (Remix)” – Single Review Hmm…hey wait a second…am I reviewing a remix OF a remix artist? I believe I am! Cool! ZeroSound has put forth a wicked set of ideas into Martin Solveig’s hit-single “The Night Out.” If you’ve lived longer than the past five Summers, then you’re already well-familiar […]Read More

Thelonesomekid – Iamthelonesomekid

Thelonesomekid – Iamthelonesomekid – Album Review Oh no. I love this. I can’t stop loving this. It’s a combination of true ART…incredible sounds, innovative ideas and…and…ummm…and… …wait a minute. What the fuck is a ‘slurl?’ Actually scrap that. I can tell you. It’s just flat out awesome. “Slurls In The Nest,” is the opening track […]Read More

SBS Separated 008 – Tim Korry (SBS Prod. 2014)

SBS Separated is BACK! Featuring a video per day for the month of January from our past adventures in video and on our show SBS Live This Week. Here’s another take we’ve put together for a video produced by SBS last year in 2014 for an extreme gentleman and gifted songwriter, Tim Korry.  Check out […]Read More

Winds & Walls – Winds & Walls

Winds & Walls – Winds & Walls – EP Review I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of sheer wax build-up a person would have to have in their ears to not hear the impact that Paramore and the music of Hayley Williams have had on this new band Winds & Walls. You’ll hear […]Read More

Planet Walkers – Resolutions

Planet Walkers – Resolutions – EP Review You want a good reason to like this EP? I can give you over 9000. Assuming that the picture on the soundcloud page of Planet Walkers has some bearing on the music and atmosphere, well, they’ll know what that’s all about…for the rest of you that don’t; you […]Read More

SBS Separated 007 – Cinged (Live @ Home 2013)

SBS Separated is BACK! Posting up a video per day for the month of January from our past adventures and creations of SBS Live This Week and our videos filmed, edited and shot for talent found locally and around the globe over our past 3 years. Enjoy this!  From the first video-interview we ever sent […]Read More

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