Month: <span>December 2014</span>

Melvins – Hold It In

Melvins – Hold It In – Album Review Hold It In and hold it up Melvins fans…we’ve never quite heard them like this before have we? In a true combination and collaborative effort, we’ve got an entirely NEW album from one of indie’s most legendary bands responsible for influencing countless of the big names we […]Read More

JL Universe – “Y”

JL Universe – “Y” – Single Review Every once in a while, you just need something that sounds HUGE…you know, those tracks that get your ears excited…music you might not even normally listen to but all of a sudden it’s the exact break and sound you were longing for, but never knew exactly what it […]Read More

Atman – Silence Is Golden

Atman – Silence Is Golden – Album Review Let this be a lesson to you all…don’t just check ONE page, check them all! My original experience in listening to Atman came through what I found out to be a mere sampling of the full album on his Soundcloud page – for a moment there…I was […]Read More

Flower Girl – Volume VI

Flower Girl – Volume VI – Album Review Great things come in small packages. Like I always say, until you push play or see a listing of track-lengths…you just don’t know if you’re in for an album or an EP. I suppose that’s why I’m here partially…I get to play the role of the spoiler […]Read More

Stuart Styron

I’d very much like you all to meet a new friend of mine, Stuart Styron. While I confess I’ve never ‘met him’ per say, at least not physically; getting to know him through this interview experience has been a complete and utter pleasure. He’s not only a very talented artist with a pure-insight into music […]Read More

Ced Wynez – The Rebellion

Ced Wynez – The Rebellion – Album Review Luda? Is that you? From the ATL direct, comes a new album stuffed full of low-end beats and aggressive rhymes delivered in a tricky flow, courtesy of Ced Wynez. With his excellence in precision and rapping on-point, this young rapper/producer has been creating music for nearly a […]Read More

Shid Latta – LOVE + OTHERx DRUG$

Shid Latta – LOVE + OTHERx DRUG$ – Album Review Here’s a production. LOVE + OTHERx DRUG$ isn’t just a brilliant title for an album, it’s a full-out mix of intensity in both rhyme and beat. Creative like a mixtape, this album THUMPS along through skits and high energy tracks that have all the hooks, […]Read More

Fey – Bye Bipolar

Fey – Bye Bipolar – Album Review If you already know one thing about me…it’s that I’m listening to music all the time, from every genre we’ve created as a collective whole. If there are two things you know about me…you know there’s a secret shortlist in my brain that waits for certain bands to […]Read More

The Exclusive Elusive And Unwanted Grammy

This might just be me…but that Grammy nomination list is looking more sad and depleted than ever. After looking over the nominees…it’s pretty damn bleak. Like, take ‘song of the year’ for instance…the only thing I noticed specifically was that the entire list indeed lacks a ‘song of the year’ completely, which I thought was […]Read More

Nomadic Attic – Nomadic Attic EP

Nomadic Attic – Nomadic Attic – EP Review Now here’s something – hear something by Nomadic Attic! On this self-titled you’ll find five songs of true atmospheric brilliance, all unique in their own right, all coming together perfectly as one on this new self-titled EP. There’s a captivating, almost hypnotic quality that can’t be mistaken […]Read More