Month: <span>December 2014</span>

Sam Northwood – “Want To Be Home”

Sam Northwood – “Want To Be Home” – Single Review You’ve absolutely GOT to love how authenticity and genuine artists are such a reoccurring theme here at sleepingbagstudios; I know that I sure do. When I stumble across artists like Sam Northwood…it’s the kind of thing that makes all this music-reviewing stuff worth so much […]Read More

Roberta And Band – Kaleidoscope Stars

Roberta And Band – Kaleidoscope Stars – Album Review Very, very interesting. After nearly a full day’s worth of time spent immersed in the hip-hop/electro & rap genres yesterday…I’m starting today with what I might not even know how to label myself had I not seen all these accurate tags describing the music of Roberta […]Read More

SBS Readers Poll 3/4 Update!!!

Alright! We’re 3/4 of the way there to announce our BEST NEW SOUND of 2014! What a shake-up from the last update!!!  Amazing support from a ton of incredible fans brought acts like Man Made Lake and Shagpile right into the top 5, while the incredible support for West My Friend continues!  The remaining five […]Read More

The 99 – “Rough Times In America,” “We Ain’t Buyin,’”

The 99 – “Rough Times In America,” “We Ain’t Buyin,’” “Do You Wanna Go” – Singles Review I can’t say quite enough…how enlightening and how exceptional my entire day has been. It’s been a long time since the ONLY activity I did in a day was simply sit and listen…I’m always doing too many things […]Read More

itsDICE – “Changing”

itsDICE – “Changing” – Single Review Alright…you can call me out on this one if you wanna…but I’m supporting this track. Rapper itsDICE has just released his brand new single/video for the single “Changing,” and while I’ve been concentrating on rap with some severe social commentary today, it’s cool to kick back and enjoy a […]Read More

Jared Wesley – “Plessy V. Ferguson (20??)”

Jared Wesley – “Plessy V. Ferguson (20??)” – Single Review This is important. Do you like music that’s important? You might not even know, you might never have heard anything through music that packs a politically aware and pointed view like this does. I personally think that this is the biggest and most obvious hole […]Read More

Xavier Toscano – Feels So Good

Huge fan of this sound; let me say that right off the bat. I’m not totally sure what I thought I was in for here…the name…Xavier Toscano…I suppose it threw me off just slightly. Not much, just a bit. To me – that sounds like a name born for the dance-music world, but what I […]Read More

Kenny Fame – Fame Whore

Kenny Fame – Fame Whore – Album Review Interesting…I can sense ‘the machine’ at work somewhere here… Kenny Fame seems like a good guy. Most of the songs you’ll find on Fame Whore seem to come through in such a way that it points to the sincerity of a real person. You take all the […]Read More

Dylan McGuire – Gravity (Or Lack Thereof)

Dylan McGuire – Gravity (Or Lack Thereof) – Album Review Within the first five seconds of hearing Dylan McGuire…I was worried. It’s tough to NOT sound like our heroes & influences sometimes…but if you’re going to sound like something we’re all intensely familiar with, or can quickly associate a certain sound to…well…Dylan…all I’m saying is […]Read More