Month: <span>November 2014</span>

Bigfoot Barefoot – 1216

Bigfoot Barefoot – 1216 – EP Review Smooth! Bigfoot Barefoot’s new EP, 1216 goes down easy with a funked-out crossover sound that’s somewhere between Stevie Wonder and Dire Straits…or maybe John Cougar. This completely DIY project is a respectable one for sure, there’s some great efforts here and some promising tunes. I definitely appreciate the […]Read More

Chasing Jonah – Prelude

Chasing Jonah – Prelude – Album Review Chills. That’s the way to start out a listen to new music if I had to choose one. A feeling that you’re about to hear something spectacular, something dynamic, something new. From the moment that lead singer Ashley Dudukovich started to sing on the new album Prelude by herself & her […]Read More

A.S. Swanski – Zafari

A.S. Swanski – Zafari – Album Review A.S. Swanski has put together an album that is extremely special here on Zafari. Highly experimental, the album plays somewhere in between the most fantastic parts in a Pink Floyd instrumental and pure, free-flowing art at its absolute best. The result is quite simply, an album unlike that which you’ll […]Read More

Velvet Ashes – Live From The Attic

Velvet Ashes – Live From The Attic – EP Review Life may very well imitate art, but it’s still pretty damn rare to find an album title that truly matches the feeling of a band or artist. This one does completely; Live From The Attic from Zurich-based band Velvet Ashes sounds so intimate, warm, relatable and […]Read More

Collaborateurs – Put It On The Sleigh

Collaborateurs – Put It On The Sleigh – Album Review I’m sorry. I am the Christmas music in your mall. I am the display that changed on Nov. 1st to Christmas mayhem the minute Halloween is done. It might be the 6th today, but let’s face it….I’m already reviewing the first holiday album of the year…could be in […]Read More

sASSafrASS – Greatest Hits Volume One

sASSafrASS – Greatest Hits Volume One – Album Review With what takes top-prize as easily the best band name I’ve seen since Balls Deep In Your Stepmom – the energetic rock explosion of sASSafrASS is a purely pleasurable experience. This album flows cohesively from end to end, drifting seamlessly from the playful-pop edge of rock to […]Read More

Brutha Smith – Effigy

Brutha Smith – Effigy – Pre-Release Album Review Sacremento, CA’s hip-hop recording talent, Brutha Smith, is back with a fresh set of rhymes with the album Effigy; the follow-up to his incredibly well-received album The Lotus Effect. While the beats often come at your ears with a playful bounce & rhythmic-groove, make no mistake – these […]Read More

The New Ages – “The Forest/Destruction Holds The Key”

The New Ages – “The Forest”/”Destruction Holds The Key” – Singles Review Awesome! Always love to see great musicians still out there making great music! Here we are, with The New Ages gracing our pages once again – it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from them with our last review for their EP Piper Man taking place […]Read More