Month: <span>December 2013</span>

Syndrome Of Fire – Save Me From Myself

Syndrome Of Fire – Save Me From Myself – EP Review Hard GARBAGE! Hmmm. Now that I read that opening, I’m thinking you might not all know what I mean…I better explain that better I suppose cause I’m certainly not implying this EP is bad in ANY way. Polar opposite; this is a genius set of four […]Read More

Broken Stems – We Are Home

The Broken Stems – We Are Home – EP Review Wow. First thought that came to my mind was ‘what IF Band of Horses and Cold War Kids had children together…would it come out like this?’ Yeah, okay…that’s weird even for me, and as the EP from The Broken Stems plays on, it’s not nearly […]Read More

Teni – Afrodisiac

Teni – Afrodisiac – Album Review I love how every time I think I’ve reviewed it all, another genre pops up that I’ve put on the shelf for a while only to be resurrected by all of you wonderful independent artists and bands. Awwww! That’s sweet right? Well here’s something else that’s sweet – this album by Teni […]Read More

Joey Jive – Joey Jive

Joey Jive – Joey Jive – Album Review Yessssssssssssss. Remind me to thank Joey personally if I’m ever to meet him in person for making an album tuned to my particular ears. With a brand new album full of music as interesting in the writing as it is in the texture and production – there’s so much […]Read More