Month: <span>July 2013</span>

Velvet Symphony – Counter Clockwise

Velvet Symphony – Counter Clockwise – Album Review It’s only fitting that we end up posting this album on Father’s Day. My immediate first impression upon pressing play was one of, ‘Wow – was I EVER raised on this kind of music!’ The opening track reminded me very much of something that Joe Satriani would have put […]Read More

Lizzy Lehman – A Place I Know You’ll Love

Lizzy Lehman – A Place I Know You’ll Love – Album Review Musically, when you’re authentic, it’s impossible to hide. I’ve expressed in the past how much of a gift it is to listen to all of your music, starting each and every morning with a completely new and unique experience for my ears. Pressing play has […]Read More

SBS Live This Week Original Series 049

Find pictures from the Metal Panel session at the links below! Album #0035: Album #0183: More

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