0202 – The Pit (Live @ The Railway Club 2015)

 0202 – The Pit (Live @ The Railway Club 2015)

These champions!  The twin badasses in heavy-rock/grunge-band The Pit filled in a bill with Blackout Lights opening up for Aztec returning to The Railway Club in 2015 – both openers on short notice, coming through like complete heroes at the last minute and crushing their sets for a crowd full of thirsty beer-swizzlin’ music-fans.  It was a completely badass night of music and it genuinely felt like one of the strongest connections we assisted in building out there in the scene – every one of these crews madly supported each other on stage and as a result, every single set rocked the house in a seriously unified & triumphant night all-around.  Worked for them onstage, worked for us all in front of it – it was a night to remember.  Take a look at some of the shots from back in the day!



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