Zama Rripa – “Blowback”

 Zama Rripa – “Blowback”

Zama Rripa – “Blowback” – Music Video Release/Review

JUST IN CASE you missed Zama Rripa and my thoughts on his single/video “Blowback” from his new record American Soul on the last episode of SBS Live This Week – I’m here to supply a few more details for ya and put this directly onto our pages on what’s arguably the most important day for many of you to hear it.  As I’m sure many of you know – it’s the midterms today over there in the USA – if you somehow just found that out now, stop reading and go vote – you can always come back to this later!

That being said…there’s much to consider when you do go out there to cast your ballot – and that’s exactly why we’ve got “Blowback” up on our pages today.  Zama Rripa is a “liberty-peace-love-minded-street-busking-singer-songwriter” that has his eyes open & he’s paying close attention to the ways of our world…and as a result, the songs he tends to write certainly reflect the scrutiny he’s observed with.  But don’t mistake ‘peace-love-minded’ for not having the ability to say what’s on his mind – that’s likely my favorite part of Zama’s music…how he’s unafraid to be starkly direct, real, and honest.  Our world needs more heroes like this in it right now…people that aren’t afraid to turn the microscope lens towards the actions of our own governments and examine their actions objectively, and truthfully.  “Blowback” is all this and much more…it dives into US history in a scathing way with a gentle folk/acoustic vibe haunting the vibe coming along with it…it’s rhythmic, brilliantly written, and cuts right to the bone when it comes to laying out the facts for you.  Remember those things?  Facts?

As I mentioned on the show for ya…and I stand by this…there’s a Cohen-level of poetic observation and songwriting happening in Zama’s music.  “Blowback” is exceptional on absolutely all-fronts, you name it.  From the way the lyrics flow, to the choice of words that fill that rhythm, to the meanings and intentions of his lyricism in creating this song, to the often venomous tone & emphasis that comes along with so many of these lines he’s written to make sure you’re listening and paying attention.  Excellent percussion in this tune enhances the desolation in the vibe…and the imagery in the words certainly paints a grim picture of his country’s role both domestically and in their foreign policies.  To say that this song or this artist is merely politically-aware would be the understatement of the year – Zama understands that he has a voice & how important it is to use it in the short time that any of us are here for.  I’ve always said though…when it comes to lyric-videos, I generally hate’em…or at least, I used to before they finally caught-up and became as stylistically slick as they’ve become now with more experience under the world’s belt.  But do you know what it is that had me not digging them before?  It’s actually quite simple – most people don’t have something to say.  They can write a song, they can write a hook, and high-fives & congrats to’em all for their talents, no disrespect intended – all I’ve ever argued on behalf of, is that a REAL lyric-video NEEDS that main ingredient in my opinion; those words that we see onscreen should say something important, shouldn’t they?  Otherwise why bother?  The answer to that has always eluded me – but thankfully, that’s not the issue here with “Blowback” – in fact there are zero issues at all!  Not only does the song brilliantly depict some harsh truth in the words written by Zama, but they spring to life onscreen in an entirely engaging way that works incredibly well.  He HAS something to SAY…these are the kind of words that warrant a lyric-video – and in a situation where you get the best of both-worlds, just so happens it came out as eye-catching as it is ear-catching.  Check it out for yourself below!

You’ll hear the art & craft that Zama brings to his music – check out the light-hearted & pleasant vibes he creates on “Live You Thing” and the free-spirit it celebrates…or have a listen to more of his activism in action through “Stone Of Freedom” and the wild groove that it contains.  Zama is endlessly creative when it comes to the direction of his music and what’s involved in its creation, but also finds a way to create jaw-dropping lyrics in every single tune I’ve had the privilege of listening to on American Soul.  For real, no BS – why would I BS Zama when he’s been so real with all of us?  He’s an amazingly gifted songwriter that should be recognized as such…one that’s going to work himself into the fabric of the music’s history for the insightful way he approaches his words.  Dude’s a poet at heart, there’s no doubt about it – just so happens he’s an exceptionally talented & sincere musician as well.

Which brings me to the final point I make.  Posting “Blowback” up here today isn’t a rally cry for you to go and vote…ultimately, this time around I personally believe it’s important – but that’s not the main aspect of what makes it important to post here right now.  Songs like this encourage you to THINK, to CONSIDER, to WEIGH the cost of our decisions, and to UNDERSTAND the facts as they are, open, plain, and honestly.  Unbiased.  And that’s what’s seriously important right now…being a free thinker, just like Zama is, and is also leading the way by his example of having the courage to speak up for what’s right.  As laid-back as the overall sound might be on “Blowback” – the messages and vibe are INTENSE…and they get me amped right up…not gonna lie to ya.  Takes songs from American Soul like the uber-friendly “There’s Better Things Ahead Than Any You Leave Behind,” the incredibly warm sounds of “Tenderly,” or the endlessly sweet atmosphere in “Forever Sung,” to calm me down a bit, the latter of which absolutely hit the spot for me with its beautiful melody and soothed the beast inside me long enough to write this.  So just in case you’re like me and “Blowback” has got you all riled-up and ready to march to the capital…maybe chill out with a bonus video here at the end for ya and just enjoy life for a moment before ya pack & go.  Enjoy!

And of course, make sure to find out more about this extremely talented & courageous peace-loving songwriter by visiting the official pages of Zama Rripa for new info & music below.  Dude’s incredibly active and clearly speaks up when it’s most important…and because we’re right up to the minute here, we can tell ya to go out there to the ol’ YouTube channel to catch the brand-new song he’s created with his cousin in tribute for Zama’s Uncle called “Keep It In The Day” which posted up only minutes before we went to post this up!  Something tells me, Zama Rripa is always going to have new music out there & something on the go…creatively courageous types like this fine artist always do.  Our world is a better place because of that, believe me.  So go do the right thing – discover yourself some American Soul and find out what he’s all about & brings to the music-scene through these official links:

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