Third Development – “Auras”

Third Development – “Auras” – Single Review From the “Etherea” genre you say?  Whatever happened to Trip-Hop, and why on Earth wasn’t that name cool enough already Third Development?  Questions for another time I suppose… Anyhow.  If you remember this name from our pages, that makes sense – we featured a review on their single […]Read More

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Ada” / “The

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Ada” / “The Boys From Silicon Valley” – Singles Review While I’m fairly certain any listener out there would have many different opinions on what they hear in the music being made by Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice, I feel like we’d all have to at the […]Read More

Blood Rose – “Darkness Falls”

Blood Rose – “Darkness Falls” – Single Review So…hmm…on the brightest of sides, I do think there’s an idea at the core of this cut. I’m somewhat known as the guy that’ll keep it real with the scene and tell folks how I genuinely feel about whatever I’m listening to.  Sure, there’s a sense of […]Read More

Becoming Human – “Scars”

Becoming Human – “Scars” – Single Review Now…I know I’m here to talk about the debut single from Becoming Human today…the debut ORIGINAL single, that is…but lemme tell ya how pleasing it is to be cruising around the internet and coming across a cover of one of your all-time favorite songs by FAILURE in the […]Read More

The Despair Collective – “Crackerman”

The Despair Collective – “Crackerman” – Single Review If you’ve ever recorded a cover tune, you know those comparisons are bound to come.  Not that this wasn’t always the case, but obviously in the day & age of the internet, believe me when I tell ya, those opinions will come fast & furiously from every […]Read More

Richy Snyder – “How Deep Is The Ocean”

Richy Snyder – “How Deep Is The Ocean” – Single Review Yikes!  Never mind how deep the ocean is – what about the massively stiff depths of competition on this cover!?!  Comparison is unfortunately part of the game when it comes to creating cover tunes…it’s a natural part of the way we listen, no matter […]Read More

ET Boys – “Anthem (Part One)”

ET Boys – “Anthem (Part One)” – Single Review Well would ya look at that…the prodigal sons return! Chances are, if you’ve been following along with these pages of ours, you recognize the name ET Boys, which features our homies Sharkeyes and Tacboy – the latter of which, was a guest on SBS Live This […]Read More

Lette Weaver – “Patio”

Lette Weaver – “Patio” – Single Review I definitely remember Lette Weaver from earlier this year when I reviewed her single “Toxic” towards the end of summer – in terms of identity, skill, and style, I’d be surprised if anyone out there that’s ever heard her music could possibly forget her…she’s genuinely as memorable as […]Read More

Stefano Pesapane – “Quando Non Ci Sei” / “Un Solo

Stefano Pesapane – “Quando Non Ci Sei” / “Un Solo Respiro” – Singles Review This dude already has such a storied career and has achieved so much in his lifetime from his 30+ years of experience that, believe me, the last thing Stefano Pesapane really needs is any confirmation from someone like me.  His resume […]Read More

Joe Smooth & Irene Michaels – “Hush Money” / “Devil

Joe Smooth & Irene Michaels – “Hush Money” / “Devil In Disguise” – Singles Review 75 years young you say!  I’ve got love for that…artist Irene Michaels has been around for as long as the NBA has been – and that’s ballin’ y’all.  Word on the street is that she’s been an entrepreneur, a Chicago […]Read More