Bipha – “Announce” Featuring Acemattz

Straight from LittyNationZ to your speakers & screens – Bipha is here to “Announce” himself and make a statement in 2020 with his homie Acemattz on the mic right beside him for his latest single.  A solid collaboration that crushes bars and brings genuine style & swagger to their rhymes – the balance of strengths […]Read More

Seventh – “The Gift Of Death”

Scorching hot Black Metal to start up your morning, courtesy of Seventh, based out of Quebec, Canada, right next door to us only one province over from where we are in Ottawa, Ontario.  With a savage & punishing molten-lava sound that pushes the limits of the extreme into the beyond, Seventh takes their hybrid style […]Read More

Jeff Russell JSwole – “Again”

“It’s been a minute fam…” While that’s certainly true – we last featured artist Jeff Russell JSwole here on our pages back in 2018 – he also proves it’s all worth the waiting with the powerful bounce & inspired sound of his brand-new 2020 single “Again.”  If you can somehow resist the bass-line grooves to […]Read More

Breeze434 – “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle”

“Breeze the ma’fuckin’ prophet” – preach the good WORD brother – I feel it! You will too, the talent of Breeze434 is straight-up undeniable – the man proves to be a serious master of the m-i-c on this combo-cut he’s rockin’ with his latest single “Future-Drizzy/Eviction Freestyle” and puts on a verbal clinic of how […]Read More

Had Enough – “Thought Criminal” Featuring DJ TMB

This homie has got bars for days y’all – listen UP! Had Enough takes it straight to the m-i-c on his latest cut “Thought Criminal” featuring DJ TMB, crushing it with a solid mix of insightful & controversial lyricism that’s bound to get your minds movin’ this mornin’ while keepin’ those ears of yours fully […]Read More

Izzie’s Caravan – “Drownin’ Man’s Blues”

Good ol’ Izzie’s Caravan lightin’ up the speakers & screens for ya on our pages this mornin’ – you dig? I was actually surprised to see it was just back in March of this same very year that we last posted up a cut from this crazy gem of the music-scene here at sleepingbagstudios…the songs […]Read More

Five K – “The Cycle Freestyle”

Sincerity & passion make such a difference when it comes to the music we listen to – artist Five K’s got plenty of both and he’ll put that on display in the thoughts & emotions you’ll hear him spillin’ into the mic on “The Cycle Freestyle.”  Gifted with the ability to say exactly what’s on […]Read More

Rhythm Affair – “This Livens Up The Day”

If there’s one thing to be concluded about the music of Rhythm Affair after experiencing previous singles like “Boulder Highway Hooker” & “Her Grave” – and you factor in the gritty theme, inspiration, and subject of the new single “This Livens Up The Day” – it’s that this band is certainly willing to reach further […]Read More

PK – “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me”

This guy!  Melodic bars for days! Artist PK makes the maximum amount of magic happen on the m-i-c within the shortest of spaces on his new single “I Think The Asphalt Hates Me” – it’s just 1:35 long, but it absolutely makes a memorable impact with every second it has.  All the way from Estonia […]Read More

Desert Rain Project – “Sunshine”

Desert Rain Project doesn’t just work with a spark of inspiration on their latest single – they’ve got a whole ball of “Sunshine” to brighten-up your day!  A fantastic example of harmony, unity, and balance within a band – everyone involved in this five-player collaboration deserves a ton of credit for the tight performance and […]Read More

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