Jacob Bryant – Jacob Bryant

Jacob Bryant – Jacob Bryant – EP Review You ever have one of those moments where your toes hit the floor in the morning and you just KNOW you’re about to head down to your music studio to listen to something so far outside of your normal taste that those very feet attached to those […]Read More

Snoop Dukk & MCW – Back In The House

Snoop Dukk & MCW – Back In The House – EP Review You know…sometimes I swear…one of these days someone out there I know is going to attempt to ‘punk’ me with something that is going to sound very similar to this. If it wasn’t for some pretty damn spectacular ideas here…I might have assumed […]Read More

The Mad-Hop Project – Music Review

The Mad-Hop Project – Music Review Well folks…the Mad-Hop approach to music might be completely unique…but I’m not so certain the management is! There is a sea of information to go through on this project…and like typical promoters tend to do…they’ve left it up to me to sort through it all. Let me make myself […]Read More

Nikki W. – Sad Generation

Nikki W – Sad Generation – EP Review Don’t think for a single moment that I don’t appreciate just how lucky I am…I do…constantly. I’ve had the good fortune to discover some really excellent music as of late; but even I don’t know if I can pinpoint something I’ve heard that I’ve loved as much […]Read More

The Austin Jones Band – Chasing The Wind

The Austin Jones Band – Chasing The Wind – EP Review Here’s some LUSCIOUS production and great songs from The Austin Jones Band…I’ve had my eyes and ears on this four piece band from the suburbs of Houston all the way from over here in BC, Canada for a while now…and with the release of […]Read More

Birds Over Arkansas – Behind The Lights

Birds Over Arkansas – Behind The Lights – EP Review Love this. Absolutely love it. Whoever sent this our way gets a gold-freakin-star from me. Throughout my life I’ve never really enjoyed birds of any kind really…until recently. Last year I finally latched onto the Birds Of Tokyo, and this year it looks like we […]Read More

Stonewall – Master Vibrato

Stonewall – Master Vibrato – EP Review Stonewall’s latest EP is aptly titled, heavily auto-tuned and full of low-end intensity. If you’re a fan of artists like Lil’ Wayne, or anything that came after the minimalist-movement within music spurred on by our lord and saviour of music – Yeezus – sit back and get ready […]Read More

Arid Garden – Arid Garden

Arid Garden – Arid Garden – EP Review Big fan of these five songs on this new EP from Arid Garden, let me say that right from the get-go. This is a highly ambitious band bringing a form of progressive jazz right to the top of my playlist right now.   There’s a complete wealth of […]Read More

Winds & Walls – Winds & Walls

Winds & Walls – Winds & Walls – EP Review I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of sheer wax build-up a person would have to have in their ears to not hear the impact that Paramore and the music of Hayley Williams have had on this new band Winds & Walls. You’ll hear […]Read More

Planet Walkers – Resolutions

Planet Walkers – Resolutions – EP Review You want a good reason to like this EP? I can give you over 9000. Assuming that the picture on the soundcloud page of Planet Walkers has some bearing on the music and atmosphere, well, they’ll know what that’s all about…for the rest of you that don’t; you […]Read More

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