Charles Ryan Davis – Six

Charles Ryan Davis – Six – EP Review Busy year for good ol’ Mr. Charles Ryan Davis – Six would be his third record of 2019…at least, so far. When you run into creative & inspired output like this, you really never know, there could still be more to come later on in the final […]Read More

Bad Pilot – Hybrids

Bad Pilot – Hybrids – EP Review So like…where’s the single, man? Proof that great records don’t need an identifiable single to put out there and entice the people in through methods of the old-school…we’re long past those days now.  Some of you out there know what I’m talking about…back when we’d all pay $29.99 […]Read More

Little Lightning – You’re Alright

Little Lightning – You’re Alright – EP Review There are a couple age-old adages that apply to this record, and to Little Lightning as well.  One that refers to the material on the You’re Alright EP – which would be the whole “a good song is never finished, only abandoned” quote; and the other more […]Read More

J Speed – 0Zero EP Out Now!

The King Stays King – The Legendary J Speed Is Back On Top With The Brand-New 0Zero EP! After firmly establishing himself within the Hip-Hop/Rap game over the past four years with brilliant records that proved to the world that J Speed had exactly what it took to become the premier artist he is today […]Read More

Closer – Old Baker Street

Closer – Old Baker Street – EP Review Testing…testing 1, 2, 3… I’m not quite prepared to say we’re fully back in action & the site’s completely ready to roll just yet…but we’re getting really damn close…r.  Let me see if I remember how to work the controls here and post up one of the […]Read More

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes

Betweenzone – Time Has Come – The Remixes – EP Review As we head into a completely all-new chapter of our own history here at SBS shortly this summer and I begin to head into a cocoon of self-doubt & excitement to recharge & refresh our ideas & approach, I couldn’t be happier to end […]Read More

My Little Morties – Drops Mic And Screens At Mic

My Little Morties – Drops Mic And Screens At Mic On The Floor.  Legend – EP Review Perception is such a funny thing. Within mere hours of this new record from notorious musical villain My Little Morties coming into my inbox, I received a message from whatever or whomever is behind this stuff…it read: “are […]Read More

Gleodream – Feel / Loss

Gleodream – Feel / Loss – EP Review Here’s what I love about the style of Future Garage music like you’d hear in Burial’s brilliantly textured material or in Gleodream’s stunning new EP…you really gotta have the chops & skills to pull your weight in this genre, because there’s ultimately damn near nowhere to hide.  […]Read More

E-Newt – Tragically Beautiful

E-Newt – Tragically Beautiful – EP Review “I give the nation hope.” Giant claim there homie…but maybe E-Newt ain’t wrong either. Some of that good-good conscious Hip-Hop comin’ atcha on the latest EP from this skillful rapper.  You know…in that vein of Common, Talib, Mos & more…E-Newt brings knowledge to the m-i-c, along with high […]Read More

Tomorrow, When – More Or Less, Always

Tomorrow, When – More Or Less, Always – EP Review “We’re just a couple of guys who play music.” Well right on.  Just so happens I’m a guy who writes about it. And some of you regulars out there know me well enough to know I wouldn’t include a quote unless it actually said something.  […]Read More