Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies Volume 2

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies Volume 2 – EP Review This guy’s always gonna get an A for his effort from me. There’s a real beauty in the creative process when you can see it take hold, and Glenn has certainly tapped into that big-time over these past couple years or so as he’s revamped […]Read More

Marcelo Camela – Metal

Marcelo Camela – Metal – EP Review Behold!  The axe-man cometh! How many times on these pages have I written about the impact of surprise?  If you’ve been following along with our pages over the years, listening to our shows & whatnot – the name Marcelo Camela and his incredible guitar-skills should be plenty familiar […]Read More

Count The Thief – Amends

Count The Thief – Amends – EP Review Heavy hitter alert ladies & gentlemen…if for some reason you’re not familiar with the name Count The Thief by now, then you have clearly not been following along with our bouncing ball.  These guys rock! Lest we forget, these guys slayed the competition on their way to […]Read More

Dyatlove – Dyatlove

Dyatlove – Dyatlove – EP Review Definitely been looking forward to this one. I probably miss my old home in Vancouver, BC, a lot less than I originally thought I would overall…but this crew of four is certainly making me miss those live stages & clubs over there right now.  Aside from this whole pandemic […]Read More

Betweenzone – Mosaical

Betweenzone – Mosaical – EP Review Perhaps to understand what it’s like to push play on a new record by Betweenzone, you kinda have to know a bit about the history of this ride they’ve kept us on.  Or at least from where we jumped in, which was around 2018…admittedly they’d already made several tunes […]Read More

Silent Gnomes – Dream

Silent Gnomes – Dream – EP Review Alright…I’m convinced.  I wasn’t 100% sure I heard it at first. When the opening track from the Silent Gnomes Dream EP began and got the energy flowin’ right off the drop, I’d be the first to say I’d be the last to complain about what I was hearing.  […]Read More

Craving Rain – Craving Rain

Craving Rain – Craving Rain – EP Review Way back in January before the world got locked down, I had the pleasure of interviewing Craving Rain’s Jasmine Wietzke.  With a debut EP being released on the horizon, it was clear the plan for 2020 was to attack and stir this music-scene on up a bit, […]Read More

Uncle Brent & The NoStone – Monkey Road

Uncle Brent & The NoStone – Monkey Road – EP Review Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Uncle Brent…did you get me outta bed for this? Or have you kept me up rockin’ for weeks? Inquiring minds want to know! And if that’s you, read on then… In their 2020 return, this band is sounding just SLIGHTLY amped-up as they […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Posterity Wanes

Glenn Murawski – Posterity Wanes – EP Review At this point I’m sure this man needs no introduction to you readers of our pages…Glenn Murawski has been letting loose the tunes all year long, and in fact, if you look just a few frames over to the right of this very review on our main […]Read More

3 Trillion – Dumpster Fire

3 Trillion – Dumpster Fire – EP Review Fuck yeah. You know, back in our days in British Columbia, this dude and I would sit around SBS and talk about music for hours on end.  When I first met young Brandon Kahl, the man behind the music of 3 Trillion, this project wasn’t even remotely […]Read More

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