J-Luv Da Prince – Come 2 Terms

J-Luv Da Prince – Come 2 Terms – EP Review Fun fact…the last time I reviewed J-Luv Da Prince’s music here on our pages was way back in 2015 – for an EP that doesn’t even appear on the dude’s page at Spotify.  It’s not at Apple Music either…but if you do a little digging […]Read More

Pete Gustard – Silent

Pete Gustard – Silent – EP Review Ayyyyy – you KNOW we love having Pete Gustard’s music on our playlists!  Year after year this guy has put out records stocked full of tunes we love, whether it’s how we found him in the band Seashaped many moons ago, his solo work throughout the past couple […]Read More

Shock Sorrow – Pagan Queen

Shock Sorrow – Pagan Queen – EP Review One year to the day…would ya look at that.  That’s pretty good timing on those record releases there Shock Sorrow.  They’ve got two under their belt so far, both of which came out officially on Halloween. It’s been just over the ol’ 365 since the last time […]Read More

MUB – Breezes From The Last Century

MUB – Breezes From The Last Century – EP Review I happen to know for a fact that this EP has been a long, long time in the making… …on the bright side, it sounds like things have turned out well for MUB and his piano-based record.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right?  […]Read More

Moon And Aries – Break The Matrix (Episode Two)

Moon And Aries – Break The Matrix (Episode Two) – EP Review “Mind the mess as I press the buttons, one for creation, one for destruction…” I love that line from the opening track on the new record by Moon And Aries, who returned with their promised second EP of their Break The Matrix trilogy […]Read More

Charlson – Night Sounds

Charlson – Night Sounds – EP Review This dude’s got a good thing goin’ on…I’ve spent a significant amount of time listening to Charlson’s new EP Night Sounds, which officially came out today.  Us critics…we often have the inside scoop on LIFE…so I’ve been fortunate enough to have access to this record long before it […]Read More

Joseph Madigan – Alignment

Joseph Madigan – Alignment – EP Review It’s weird.  I’ve always been a heathen beast…yet the religious community at-large has always seemed to trust me to handle their material with respect, far more than anyone seems to trust me to listen to their records in sequential order.  Like…I’ve got instructions on how to listen to […]Read More

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One)

Moon And Aries – BREAK THE MATRIX (Episode One) – EP Review I know I’ve said this a few times lately, but it’s amazing how little time has actually passed, yet how it feels like an entire lifetime has gone by this year.  Like – I remember the name & music of Moon And Aries…but […]Read More

Wayward Waves – Realm Of Lustre

Wayward Waves – Realm Of Lustre – EP Review Justine Painter, you my friend, are a true inspiration. What a kickass story behind this amazing music!  Imagine spending your days as a C.F.O., or some other kind of office job for years and years as a career, wondering if maybe, just maybe, you were cut […]Read More

benj – That’s A Wonderful Idea

benj – That’s A Wonderful Idea – EP Review Bring on the sub-genres!  Call this Digicore…call it Hyper-Pop…call it Alternative…call it straight-up Indie, Lofi, Emo, or whatever ya like as far as I’m concerned – just give That’s A Wonderful Idea a listen or two – dude’s like benj deserve the support for their immense […]Read More