Wade Elliott

Wade Elliott With over a decade of experience performing & entertaining the people live from the stage in projects like Southern Maryland’s legendary cover-band Spoiler Alert – Wade Elliott refined his style & sound playing shows night after night as he established himself firmly within the local scene.  Knowing there was still so much more […]Read More

Believe Over Hope

Believe Over Hope Devoutly spreading the joy of His word through the proud proclamation of their faith through the beauty of music – the contemporary worship band Believe Over Hope is a strong call to all those that embrace Jesus as their true Lord & Savior.  Through their dedicated efforts in all areas of Christianity, […]Read More

Luna 13

Luna 13 is an LA band with a difference and a mission. In the midst of screaming guitars and doomy bass riffs, they are creating a new, equally brutal sound, and all without a stringed instrument to their name. But how can an enigmatic frontwoman and her mysterious musical partner produce one of the heaviest […]Read More

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