Stocatta – “My Love Leave” – Single Review

 Stocatta – “My Love Leave” – Single Review

Stocatta – “My Love Leave” – Single Review

My love is staying.

Apparently Stocatta’s is leaving.

But if you’re anything like me…the instant love you’ll feel for Stocatta’s music will keep you intoxicated on their new single “My Love Leave” for long, long after you hear it for the first and twentieth time.

Here’s something some know about me and others don’t; I have an incredible allegiance to the women of rock. Much like my childhood hero Kurt Cobain…hearing a powerful female-lead has always been a completely empowering & inspirational treat. To you guys out there that won’t let a woman into your band – you all suck; Stocatta is proof of exactly why.

This band is actually a duo…yep…just a two piece. Led by the incredible voice of Laura Artus and the music she comes up collaborating with her band-mate Jay Smith; these two are making a large sound come out from this small number. With music that is every bit as full and strong as an entire band, their style resembles some of the most powerful bands of the mid-90’s like Throwing Muses or Belly. With their own modern twist, this single carries elements of more modern-sounds like Radiohead, Palo Alto, The Cardigans, or even St. Vincent. I mean…right now for me, Annie Clark & her crew are absolutely crushing the scene with the amazing music in St. Vincent but this sound from Stocatta is one that I’d put up there with the most genuine & unique out there today as every bit as entertaining.

Canadian too eh? Sweet. Like I mentioned the other day, can’t help but crack a smile when the music is this good and home-freakin-grown!

Overall this is an excellent effort here. Fantastic drumbeat, stellar guitar-work all resulting in a passionate & emotional song fuelled by the excellent vocals of Laura Artus; you can consider me a massive fan of the sound I’ve found here in Stocatta – I will absolutely be returning to these two to hear more the very moment they release a new song or sound, they’re that captivating and that driven in their music. I mentioned intoxicating…the Stocatta-style truly is; this is a sound that I never want to go away – I want it to multiply and dominate my speakers. Excellent sound here on “My Love Leave,” indicating a very bright and long future for this incredibly charismatic, endearing & enchanting duo.

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