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 Shelby Lentz

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Shelby Lentz Is Not Only “Doing Fine” – She’s Got A Brand-New Hit Single Coming Out On October 14th!

After the incredible success of the release of her song “The Outside” in 2021, and a whole bunch of love, support, and excitement pouring in for her music from all around the globe – singer/songwriter Shelby Lentz is set to return this fall with the second single from her upcoming EP.  “Doing Fine” is coming to every major music platform this October 14th, and highlights much of what Shelby has gone through to become the artist that she is now today.  Detailing the struggles of life & love, and how much stronger she’s come out on the other side of it all – “Doing Fine” is the genuinely empowering anthem that 2022 completely deserves!

After auditioning for both American Idol & The Voice, it’s no secret to the world that she has incredible vocals and the innate ability to captivate & charm the audience through her music – but there’s also no doubt that Shelby is about to shock the planet with how much she’s evolved as an artist overall.  By diving back into her past to recreate a Power-Pop/Punk-Rock song she’d written back when she was still in high school, Shelby has set herself up to surge straight for the top of the charts in the future to follow.  Embracing the spirit of her teenage angst and Emo-vibes, “Doing Fine” reveals how heartbreak can lead to a whole other level of blissful happiness, in addition to discovering who we are, and what it is that we really need.

Recorded in the music-mecca of Nashville, Tennessee, at Record One Studios with the legendary talents of Dallas Jack at the helm, and featuring professional photography from Danielle Leeanna – the very first person to hear “Doing Fine” from back in Shelby’s time at school a decade ago – Lentz has enlisted her old best friends & special new ones as well, to create an experience that perfectly truly blends her past with her present.  Shelby’s not only “Doing Fine” – she sounds amazing & more inspired than you’ve ever heard her before – and she can’t wait to share her latest single with each and every one of you tuning-in from all over the world.  Be among the first out there to listen, stream the song, sing along, and join Shelby in celebrating the official release of “Doing Fine” this October 14th at every online hotspot where you get your music – and get set for even MORE music as she continues to speed towards the release of her brand-new EP, coming soon!

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