Scarlett – “Prison Of Your Mind”

 Scarlett – “Prison Of Your Mind”

This four-piece rock band continues to impress and excel, showcasing their recent live performance at MadLife Stage & Studios!  You probably remember Scarlett from our feature earlier this month, when we pumped-out their live cover of David Bowie’s massive hit “Heroes” – and now the boys are back in town already with a brand-new video from the MadLife sessions, an original tune they’ve called “Prison Of Your Mind.”  Another highlight spectacle of both sight & sound – the brilliantly shot live performance shows Scarlett in a killer light as they rock the audience – and with their own signature style, they always entertain the ears as well.  Check out the brand-new video from their set and have a listen to what they can do with their own songwriting & sound on “Prison Of Your Mind” below!

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