SBS Podcast 110

 SBS Podcast 110

It’s been about forty episodes since the first edition of the Merry Melting Pot – and it’s about time we cooked up another one for ya!  Join us as we glide through a set-list that’ll take ya from one side of sound straight through to the other, celebrate this year’s nominations in the quest for our Best New Sound, and provide ya with a whole bunch of other audible awesomeness along the way for you to dig right into as well!  You just never know what you’ll find in the Merry Melting Pot on the SBS Podcast – but this time you can bet you’ll hear songs by: Joho, B L O C K E D, Ken Fox, John Evergon, Glenn Murawski, Pete Gustard, Ete AhPing, Mighty Mage, Swami Lushbeard, TWOFEW, Panchopigna, Eon MC Etc., per[sona, Rebecca Jade, The Marica Frequency, FZY, Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, Galliano Sommavilla, Izzie’s Caravan, and a bonus feature on Abdus Da Man & his latest Data Rap single!  It’s another special December episode stockpiled with incredible cuts from the lefts to the rights – tune in & turn up for the SBS Podcast!


Your official show lineup includes:

Glenn Murawski – “A Song For Earth”

Abdus Da Man – “We GoT the Alpha”

Eon MC Etc. – “Coulda Been”

FZY – “Glen Lantz”

Joho – “The Bear Dog Of El Paso”

Pete Gustard – “The Open Vein”

Swami Lushbeard – “All About You”

per[sona – “Version”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “Kayla”

B L O C K E D – “All For You”

Ete AhPing – “Can’t Hide Your Light”

TWOFEW – “Dreamin'”

Rebecca Jade – “Weather The Storm”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Breathe Once More”

Ken Fox – “Go It Alone”

Mighty Mage – “Time Of My Life”

Panchopigna – “L’Ultimo Respiro”

The Marica Frequency – “Breaking The Silence”

Izzie’s Caravan – “Holy In Your Smile”

John Evergon – “Hallelujah”

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